Location: Burbank, Southern California
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Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic
Benchpress: 100 lbs
Squat: 100 lbs

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About Me

Sheila Marie

Sheila Marie is an avid hiker, long distance runner and non-competitive female wrestler in catfights, mudd-wrestling and fantasy boxing. Sheila Marie was a natural amateur bodybuilding competitor in Northern California (Silicon Valley) during the years 2000 - 2003. Some of her accomplishments during those years are the free-weight benchpress at 125 lbs at 125 lbs and 18% bodyfat and 168 cm in height. Other accomplishments are free squats - 195 lbs at 130 lbs, Free standing dip machine 90 lbs plus bodyweight at 115 lbs (205 lbs total). 


Callisto (καλλιστώ) is the name for the actress in the realm divided by the Ursa Major constellation, the Virgo constellation, the month of September, and the territory of the Los Angeles Crest Forest (A.D.F. clan chieftains).

The name καλλιστώ became a realm name in the year 2018 during a long distance hike in a trail in the Los Angeles Crest Forest. During the month of September coinciding with the visibility of the Ursa constellation and the first day of the Virgo constellation, Sheila Marie encountered a large Mother bear with her two cubs near dusk. 

Certain bike riders were climbing down the mountain at the time as well and she warned them about the bears but they acted in disbelief as if she was jesting. It is possible they also might have witnessed the Mother bear and her cubs once they descended the mountain trail. About ten minutes after warning the mountain bikers, the Mother bear lunged forward in full pursuit after Sheila Marie for more than thirty minutes up the mountain trail but Sheila Marie was already near the parking lot by her car and escaped. For this reason, Sheila Marie believes that the mountain bikers witnessed the bears and acted against the Mother bear so that she was blindly enraged into the pursuit of the former peaceful hiker (herself).




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Session 60 minutes -- 400 USD Deposit 150 60 minutes non-competive mixed wrestling with some photos topless optional costume optional thong or bikini some fetish optional warning not an escort appointment


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