Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
E-mail: skystorm1987@yahoo.com
Weight: 120 lbs - 54.4 kg
Physique: Athletic
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Sky was my first ever session and i just saw her again almost 4 years apart to the day. Both times scheduling with her was very easy and prompt. Although she is a smaller wrestler it became very clear that I was dealing with someone of an olympic pedigree and by that i mean she is very strong and skilled. She had no problems controlling me and has a lethal arsenal of holds in her toolbox.

She playfully taunts you but frequently checks up to make sure you are having a great time and especially after a hard fought fall. I will always schedule another match with her and for sure is one of the bests.


Just wrestling with sky on 9/23/2017 on a trip to Vegas. She is much more beautiful than her pictures show. We did submission wrestling semi-competitive. She completely moped the floor with me and that was with her playing defence the whole time. She is unbelievable strong. Near the end of the session we changed it to a scissor session and just let her apply varies scissor holds on me and cranking up the power every so often. I think the most I could take was 50-60% of her power as that's how strong she is. She did a 100% real quick and just once in a reverse headscissors just to show me how strong it was. I was instantly tapping so I'm not even sure she reached that power. She answers emails very promptly and takes breaks when you need it and trust me you will need it. Very friendly and polite despite her kicking your ass the whole session. Next time I come to Vegas I do want to session with another girl by sky makes it really hard considering just how good and fun she was!


I met skystorm for the 3rd time in Vegas. She is alot of fun and a little intimidating, she is so quick an skilled that she can choke u out or submit u in seconds, other times she slowly submits or pins u. 18 years of doing sessions her headscissors are one of the strongest. I usually don't meet smaller wrestlers but was easy to set up match 2 years ago an it turned out she is one of the best. She is nice an laid back, I've met over 30 wrestlers an she is close to the top.

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