Sporty BBW

Sporty BBW


Location: Myrtle Beach , South Carolina


Weight: 280 lbs - 127 kg
Physique: BBW

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I’m JESS, and I’m a MESS. I live, and learn everyday, and Work hard for a better tomorrow.  


Aka “Amazon (Welcome to the Jungle) Jesseñia” 


HealthcareAide by Day, and #CamGirl by Night!


Mom & Aspiring Pro #FemaleFighter #FemaleWrestler 3X🥊#RNR Runner Up


Born, Raised mostly in Farmersville, OH.


Other states I’ve lived in ... MI, MT, AL, SC, GA, and about to Move to PA/NJ and stay there till I make it as a Pro Wrestler/Fighter.


Still waiting to get my First Cage, Muay Thai Match. Trying to get down in weight, to get opponents, because, todate, there is no Woman’s Heavyweight or Super HeavyWeight Classes in UFC/Muay Thai. 


I already know I’m “FAT” (Fabulous And Tasty) I don’t need reminders! I’ve always been Hyper Active ... maybe a lil ADHAD ... It took me time to gain, it will take time & probably some surgery,  to look the “Fit ” Type most People want! 


I don’t like my Mommy Pouch either, and yes it gets in the way, but I’m me ... a Work in progress! You Keyboard Warriors can go F off! 


 I DONT Cam, Session or Travel for FREE! Strictly doing this to help out with my Training Tuition. 


My new Pro Wrestling School will be 500.00 a month ... MMA/Cage School is 350.00 a month. If You would like to Sponsor me! 


I will be looking, into a local Kick/Boxing Clubs, once I’m moved. 


*Boxer’s have my respect! You only get Your Fist as tools! I’ve got to be able to use my whole Body ... knee’s, Legs, Feet, Elbows etc. 


Im honest, and know my weakness ... I’m not looking to go into Pro Boxing, maybe Kickboxing, but will continue my training in it, and will always RESPECT the Sport! 


*Serious inquires please! I have a lot of Spam (Time Wasters) to weed thru. 


I only take Checks from reputable Sport/Venue  Promotor’s! I don’t take PayPal! Only GiftRocket (I get 100% of) Cash, or my ManyVids account (Tip/Fund me Section) (I get 60% of) 


Thanks for Reading 












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Country City State Date Begins Date Ends
United States Washington DC Princess Anne Baltimore Maryland 04-19-2018 04-21-2018
United States Fayetteville Greensboro North Carolina 04-19-2018 04-21-2018
United States Richmond Norfolk Harrisburg Virginia 04-19-2018 04-21-2018
United States Inwood Martinsburg West Virginia 04-19-2018 04-21-2018
United States Elkton Maryland 05-01-2018 06-30-2020
United States Bristol Pennsylvania 05-01-2018 06-30-2020
United States Ocean City New Jersey 05-01-2018 06-30-2020
United States Wilmington Delaware 05-01-2018 06-23-2020
United States New York New York 05-01-2018 06-30-2020
United States Orlando Florida 08-24-2018 08-28-2018
Please check events section for details on traveling Thanks. Moving to PANJ in May and thought I wouldnt check the surrounding States.


08-25-2018 - 08-26-2018
Orlando, FL
Southeast Aerial Fitness, Art Comp.

Did Level 1 in 2016 Year ... took a fall from 16ft in the Air, and needed 2017 to recover.

I’m excited to get back to Acrobat, Chinese Pole and Compete, the next level up, in Level 2.

My Division is the Senior Division, this 2018 Year. If your close, come out and Cheer me on, let’s take Pictures and Go to the afterparty, after. Tickets will sell Fast once they open, link attached.

If You come out to Watch the Show, I’ll hang out and chat with You during and after the Venue if You decide to come out. No hard takedowns, Boxing during the 2 day Comp. ONLY sensual, fantasy during.

Save the takedowns, and knockouts, after last Comp. day.

There is a Huge possibility, I will be filming with ... I will know more closer to the date, and will link You Guys where to Buy the Video of me, Once I’m Paid, and Papers, Model releases are signed.

Caribe Royale hotel
Martinique Ballroom
8101 World Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32821

SECTION 1, Amateur Day 1: 9:00a - 5:00p
SECTION 2, Professional: 7:30p - 10:00p
SECTION 3, Amateur Day 2: 9:00a - 5:00p

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Jess is unlike any other woman I’ve ever met. She has a great personality and has a great smile. Don’t let that fool you though. She is the most determined woman that I know. She trains extremely hard and has the biggest goals of making it big in fighting and wrestling. She has the vision and intent and one day soon we will see all of that effort manifest into her being the best female fighter in the world. She deserves to be the best. One day I’ll be able to say that I knew her back when... Good luck on your upcoming fights. Give em Hell. Hooah!


I wish I got the chance to see her in Alabama, looks like she won't be returning..oh well

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