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Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
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We are New York Citys foremost combat studio specializing in mixed wrestling, boxing/kickboxing, MMA, Catfights, face-sitting, smothering, trampling, Lift & Carry, Roleplay, muscle worship and more!


We have wrestlers ranging from a petite 5ft to a Six Foot Five Amazon - and everything in between!


We are based in East Midtown Manhattan, in the East 20s.  Our location is very safe, discreet and fully matted with professional Olympic style mats.
We are just a 10 minute walk from both Grand Central and Penn Station.


We offer 2 girls sessions, extended, multiple hour sessions and worldwide outcall.


Visit our website for more information: www.EnterTheStorm.com


Please send us an email that includes your NAME, age, height, weight and the type of session youd like.

Also include a reference from someone you have wrestled in the past year.


Email us to arrange a session - we have the hottest and strongest girls in NYC!!


For you Amazon Giantess lovers, email us to inquire about six foot five Amazon Goddess!!   

She is the tallest Domme on the East Coast!!     








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I recently had a fantastic experience with Tempest that needs to be shared!  I had never booked a session before and wasn’t sure of how the process would go, what to expect, etc.  Lisa provided thorough communication from our first email; and was very accommodating and responsive in the days leading up to the session.  Frankly, the interaction with Lisa set the tone for the entire experience including the session itself with the girls as she was present and filming on my behalf.  I regard Lisa as the Dream Maker, and so should you.

I sought a session with Tempest to experience a rough catfight with two busty girls; and Lisa more than delivered.  I had particular attire and rule requests that were all accommodated.  In terms of girls, Lisa had recommended Kat and then Chrissy based on my interests and I’m very glad she did.  With very short notice, I also asked Lisa if it was possible to have another girl added to the session as a referee.  Lisa was able to have Sierra fill this role which was amazing!

On the day of the session, I was able to meet Kat, Sierra, and Chrissy individually before the fight.  I met with Sierra first and she was very flexible with what I was looking for from a referee perspective as it wasn’t typical.  She was also so ridiculously gorgeous and very easy going. Put me at ease immediately.  Next, I met Kat who was so surreally foxy that I thought I was in a dream.  It was hard not to stare at her the entire time we were discussing the match.  Kat totally understood my interests and was just a cool person overall.  Last, I met Chrissy who was super friendly and open to what I was looking for in the match.  She promised to deliver and did.

The fight itself was intense!! Lisa’s description on the site is REAL. My mind is still blown with how hard Kat and Chrissy went after each other and effectuated the things I wanted to see.  Chrissy is a very tough and scrappy girl and recommended to see in action, but the highlight for me was Kat.  Kat’s staggeringly gorgeous figure in heated competition with another busty woman is something I don’t think anyone would be able to deny as being HOT....unless they’re blind.  From start to finish Kat and Chrissy gave their fullest efforts. There was no action between them being faked or done lightly.  Kat and Chrissy were truly fighting each other.  The action was so raw that the awesomeness of experiencing it in person is still resonating with me.  I will definitely be back to see Kat in any capacity!

Sierra was an outstanding referee as well! There were some specifics I asked of her that were all satisfied.  She was also creative in her approach and made the optics in the room even more blazingly hot!  Sierra is over the top sexy combined with fun and friendly. I need to see her in action in the near future as well!

I certainly intend on going back to Tempest again and again as the interaction from start to finish was exceptional. Being a niche scene, comfort and ease of expression in conjunction with what you’re looking for out of the physical experience is a tough combination to find.  Add in incredibly beautiful women and combination gets near impossible to find.  Tempest has all of that.  Call Lisa.


I was able to use Tempest to set up a session last time I was in NYC, and it was super easy. They were responsive and diligent, and gave me multiple options on who I could end up wrestling with (and I got the one I wanted anyways).

Blake was who I wrestled and I really can't say enough good things about her. She's prettier in person than even in her pictures (if that's possible) but at the same time she was still tough. She took the time to understand what I wanted out of the session and then knocked it out of the park. Honestly she's really smart and that was my favorite part, she was easy to talk to and definitely has some experience in this realm. I'd definitely do it again.

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