The Blythe Show

The Blythe Show


Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 1 213 866 0162 - text only

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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 32

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About Me

Mostly here to punish the male ego.  In a fun way of course!!  Are you brave enought to submit?

I have an incredibly sexy and powerful body and I will absolutely use it to tease and taunt you.  And if you like, twist and torture you as well~  Experienced, scrappy, and most importantly--Dominant.  You will feel My Dominance instantly through the way I carry myself and through the natural way I command attention.  Approach with courtesy and brevity and we will get along.   

Please note: Competitive sessions only available if you are close to my weight.  


Session tribute starts at 360 for one hour, 525 for 90min, and 700 for two hours.  A 25% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking via gift card, Venmo, or CashApp.  

Outdoor activity dates, work-out dates, and other social dates also available.  Please inquire via email as tribute may vary.  

Please reserve ahead of time ! Longer sessions prioritized.



Please include your name, age, weight, experience, references (if applicable), interestes, and dates available.  



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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
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10-27-2021 10-31-2021 New Orleans Louisiana
Deposits required for all sessions including tours. Available for sessions work-out dates and photoshoots. I love staying organized Please make your booking in advance!

So I want to be the first to say, that they blew me away. I wasn’t ready for how amazing, professional, and down right powerful they were. They left a mark on me I haven’t forgotten to this day, as this will be and shall be the best session I have ever had. The first impression I as any other will say their pictures don’t do them a drop of justice. Couple that with their soothing voice and power, it’s hard to stay calm around them. I’ve had sessions many times, never felt I needed to write a review or even leave a comment after but after meeting them if I didn’t leave one I felt it wouldn’t do them a drop of the credit they trusty deserve.

I mean this, thank you. It’s been the legit best session of my life.

The Blythe Show

thank you for this amazing review!!! i loved our session as well :) soo much fun xx


As a birthday present to myself, I had my first ever session with Miss Blythe. Happy Birthday to me! She is great! She responded quickly and was flexible, so setting up was easy. She is pretty, and playful, and very quick and strong. She climbed all over me like a spider monkey, choked me, scissored me and put her perfect feet in my face for over an hour. It was great! If you are new to the session experience, or just want a fantastic time with someone who knows her stuff, do yourself a favor and contact her. You'll be very happy you did!

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