V-Shape Yvonne

V-Shape Yvonne


Location: Antwerp, Belgium
E-mail: v_shape_yvonne@yahoo.com

Member for over 7 years
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Height: 5'9 - 175 cm
Weight: 166 lbs - 75.3 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me

If you love mixed wrestling and strong yet femine Females, than I am your dream coming true. My athletic physique and charismatic features will dazzle you, my exceptional and unexpected strength will amaze you and being a true martial artist my fighting skills will make you naturally submit to me.
As a fighter, an athlete, fitness model, personal trainer and session wrestler I am passionately involved in the many facets of life and the art of combat!

Services Offered

Competitive Wrestling
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Muay Thai
Competitive Boxing
Semi-Competitive Boxing
Fantasy Boxing
Competitive Kickboxing
Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
Feats of Strength
Belly Punching

Tres belle femme,magnifique,puissante des cuisses,squat a plus de 130kg,et etrangle bien avec les jambes...top rien a dire.


Salut, si elle répond, ce serait bien !
La seule fois que je l'ai eu (ça remonte à 3 ans, et après plusieurs essais),ce que je désirais, ne lui convenait pas.
Si j'ai bien compris, elle a eu des sales blagues.
Mais depuis lors, silence radio.


I went to meet Yvonne for a competitive wrestling session in her dojo while I was on a trip to Belgium.
She has a huge place fully covered with wrestling mats, ready to roll!
Now I'm a 6'0 160 lbs (180 cm 72 kg) guy, in great aerobic condition who has some experience in brazilian jiu jitsu (lets say it takes me no more than 30 seconds to make a guy my size with no experience tap out)
From the first minute till the end of session I was 95% of the time defending myself, doing my best not to tap out.
Her unbelieble strength combined with her excelent grappling skills made me tap out a few times while I wasn't even close to make her tap out even once.
Don't let her feminine look fool you, this women is extremely strong and trained in martial arts and she's also very competitive.
In my opinion if you don't have at least a blue belt in BJJ or you are a very very strong man with some grappling skills she will wipe the floor with you.
Apart from that we had a very interesting conversation between rounds and I she's definitely not a clock watcher!

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