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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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The last 6 weeks of my personal life have been extremely tough. My sincere apologies for the lack of response to emails, but my health and my family are my priorities and sessioning sometimes takes a back seat. To the 2 disgruntled gentlemen who felt the need to write negative reviews about me not knowing my situation, all the best to you. I encourage potential new clients to write anyway, as 100 percent of the clients who have actually met me have been quite happy with their experience. (A few of those reviews are also posted.) I have a loyal following of regular clients whom I adore and will continue on with. Thank you in advance to potential new clients for your patience and understanding. Positive vibes and much love to all.

Xo Velvet

 PS I am back in contest prep for nationals and will be posting new pictures very soon. ;)


My sessions are strictly muscle worship and light fantasy wrestling. I do not offer anything sexual in nature, so you need not ask. I do not send photos via email or entertain endless back and forth emails to “convince” you to session with me. I am an intelligent, courteous professional and expect to be treated as such. Please be prepared to make a deposit and provide a reference. My rates are non negotiable, so please don’t attempt to haggle with me. Thank you in advance for your interest. 

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United States New York New York 04-30-2018 05-31-2018
Now accepting appointment requests for May in New York City.


I wrote Mrs Lane a few weeks before she visited my city and no response. Once more to give the benefit of doubt that she might be extremely busy. Not until I wrote that I will write a review about this experience did I get a response.
This is what I got "I Appreciate your point of view but you have absolutely no idea how many emails I receive and what my life entails on a professional level. Sessioning is not my main focus and to answer every email that I received would be nearly impossible. You go ahead and write what you feel you need to write, but I assure you that your review will have ZERO impact on the amount of emails I receive or the amount of business that incurs from that. Best of luck to YOU sir.
Velvet Lane
Why advertise on here and treat fans the exact way Velvet does not want to be treated?
Very confused and disappointed.


Looks great in her pictures but she never replied to my email :( I believe that I followed the correct protocol with regards to email etiquette as listed on her profile. Regardless, I wish her the best and hope to session with her whenever she returns to Chicago

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