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About Me

I am a professional and lifestyler. I am only seeking professional slaves and submissives at this time.

I am painfully seductive.

The body is but one space to access the deep and the divine....I seek to take you there with the fullness of sensation.

With Me you can expect sensuality and eroticism to be equally matched by physical strength and power. As a titled martial artist and happy sadist, the presence of My physical prowess compels. I have a range of interests from hard corporal play to fantasy role-playing and have no fear in teasing until it hurts or applying hurt itself with a firm and skilled hand.

You will receive creatively individualized sessions with a Domme who loves and understands the body. I know how to listen to it, to guide it, and to make it sing. Again I say: I am painfully seductive.

The above listed interests are hints at what is possible on the journey of BDSM, Kink, and Fetish exploration, so inquire. I am a Dominant, and do not offer switch sessions so my interests are those I offer and lead.

Double-Dom/me sessions available.

Travel Sessions available within discussed criteria.


No sex or illegal activity - DO NOT ASK

Those interested should contact Me thoughtfully and respectfully. Include all pertinent information - interests, questions, when you would like to session (and a window of time), etc.

All sessions are offered in a discrete, private, and fully -equipped space.

Services Offered

Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling


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