About Me

I am a professional freelance model, I am also known as Regan in many of my clips 4 sale videos! I mostly do MMA/Grappling/wrestling fetishes but I have experience in many others. I do offer wrestling sessions starting at $300/hr with a 23% deposit PLEASE PUT YOUR CITY LOCATION IN THE TITLE BOX WHEN SENDING EMAILS! 

Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
Phone Chat
Competitive Wrestling
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Pro Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Semi-Competitive Boxing
Fantasy Boxing
Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
Tag Team Matches
Female vs Female
Pillow Fights
Tickle Wrestling
Belly Punching


Country City State Date Begins Date Ends
United States Atlanta Georgia 04-25-2018 04-28-2018
I will be available in these areas for sessions! Please message me for full details or if you have any questions! Please put your city and what kind of session in the subject line. ANY CITY THAT IM IN I CAN TRAVEL TO THE SURROUNDING AREAS AS WELL. Dont be afraid to ask.


I just met Zambo Goddess for a session and It was a great experience. She is a very beautiful girl, and surprisingly strong for her size. She knows all the holds, is very tenacious, and seemingly never gets I recommend highly.


I had the pleasure of meeting Kyla recently and had a terrific time. Very down to earth, and fun! Our session consisted of boxing, wrestling and a massage and she delivered on all fronts. She packs a mean little punch, has excellent grappling skills and is great with conversation. I can't say enough good things book her now!!!

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