Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
E-mail: zoe.sessions00@gmail.com

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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 180 lbs - 81.6 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 24

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About Me

I am back doing sessions. I am excited to be doing this again now that all is good with me. I will also be traveling soon too. Can you handle my smother? My scissors? If you want ot see me email me so I know to come to your city. 

I get asked all the time what is your favorite session. Honestly I enjoy them all for differennt reasons but like with anything in life you have tyour favorites. The thing that makes any session great is the guy I am having it with. But here are My Top 3 sessions for me

1.Smothering is NUMBNER 1  obviously. With my rear end and willingness to ignore taps you better be brave or tap fast. Nothing but darkenss when I smother you.

2. One sided Boxing. There is not much interest it seems in this but I love to throw punches. Boxing is something I am excited about and hope to take from this to semi comp as well

3. Semi Comp this really gets the competitive juices flpowing and the trash talking as well as I dominate you.

 Heres my workout I been doing.  



15 min

Leg extension
35 lbs 10
40 lbs 10
45lbs 7

Seated leg press
130 lbs 10
135 lbs 10
140 lbs 10

Shoulder press
10 lbs 10 and 10
15 lbs 10 and 6
20 lbs 10 and 5

25 lbs 10 each leg
30 lbs 10 each leg
35 lbs 10 each leg

Hip abducion 
85 lbs 10
90 lbs 10
95 lbs 10

Chest press
25 lbs 10
30 lbs 10
35 lbs 10

Hip abducion
100lbs 10
105 lbs 10
110 lbs 10

Abdominal crunch
10 lbs 10
20 lbs 10
30 lbs 10

50 lbs 10
55 lbs 10
60 lbs 10

Prestige ab
50 lbs 10
55 lbs 10
60 lbs 10

Side weights
15 lbs 10
15 lbs 10
15 lbs 10

Bicep curl
10 lbs 10
15 lbs 10
20 lbs 10

Medicine ball bounce
5 lbs 2 min
5 lbs 1 min
5 lbs 1 min



Services Offered

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Fantasy Wrestling
Pro Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Couples Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
Tag Team Matches
Foxy Boxing
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
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Belly Punching


Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
10-16-2018 10-24-2018 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
10-25-2018 10-26-2018 Minneapolis Minnesota United States
10-26-2018 10-27-2018 Kansas City Missouri United States
10-27-2018 10-28-2018 Phoenix Arizona United States
10-28-2018 10-29-2018 Baltimore Maryland United States
11-04-2018 11-05-2018 San Antonio Texas United States
11-05-2018 11-06-2018 Oklahoma City Oklahoma United States
11-06-2018 11-07-2018 Denver Colorado United States
11-07-2018 11-08-2018 Chicago Illinois United States
11-08-2018 11-09-2018 Columbus Ohio United States
11-24-2018 11-25-2018 Hendersonville North Carolina United States
11-25-2018 11-26-2018 Charlotte North Carolina United States
11-26-2018 11-27-2018 Atlanta Georgia United States

What an incredible woman.

I met with Zoe a few days ago, and I have to say she definitely left a lasting impression. Right from the first message in our conversation, I could tell that she was a bit different from other women I’ve sessioned with. Usually, exchanges take a few days or weeks, in my experience, and while I understand many of these women lead busy lives and don’t have the time to respond quickly to everyone, Zoe’s prompt responses were appreciated. Outside of sending messages over the phone, it’s hard to imagine our session getting set up any faster.

The session itself was quite a treat. Zoe is deceptively strong, maybe even the strongest I’ve faced in my admittedly short time of wrestling. When I pushed, I couldn’t budge her. When she pushed, I couldn’t stop her. I’m a fairly big man - 6 feet tall, 200 pounds, decent shape - and she was inexorable. And her scissors….

‘Tap or nap’ were the words that came to mind. While I tapped and escaped before she could put me out, I came close multiple times. Her side headscissors is particularly devastating, and put some genuine fear in me - if you’re looking for a woman who can bring you to the edge and dominate you bdy and soul, she’s the one you want.

If you’re looking for a powerful, voluptuous woman, you can’t go wrong with Zoe. If you’re looking for a challenging match, you can’t go wrong with Zoe. If you’re looking for a fun time, you can’t go wrong with Zoe. She’s really the total package.


Zoe was traveling to Wilkes-Barre, PA so I decided to schedule a session. We started with some tests of strength and both agreed I had more upper body strength while she had stronger legs. The problem for me was Zoe's superior flexibility as she was able to out maneuver me and trap between her strong thighs time and time again. I spent all my energy trying to escape those strong legs and not only was I tapping, but was completely worn down. She now had more upper body strength than me and was able to pin me at will, all the while taunting me and making me admit she was too strong for me to handle. She was a lot of fun and very hospitable and I would definitely recommend her and look forward to seeing her again.


Just had a competitive session with Zoe where she could throw punches and wrestle. It was probably the best session I’ve ever had. We did a 40 minute marathon match with only 3 second breaks between taps. Also, she got a free 1 minute facesitting round for each tap to rest and wear me out more. If i had to forfeit before time was up, i would have to give her an extra $1k. So stakes were really high for me to hang in there.

I got several taps in the begininning and basically had my way with her. It was so much fun repeatedly submitting her. Then she figured out how to stop me and started getting in on me after delivering incredible punches. At about 15 minutes in she was starting to get taps and wearing me down more and more. Her facesitting is just brutal. Of everyone I’ve wrestled, she is the best at facesitting hands down.

With 10 minutes left to go I was seriously begging for mercy, requesting just a 30 second break and she told me absolutely not and kept punching while I was too exhausted to block effectively and submitted me again and again. She was loving it and taunting me now that she was in control. I made it to the end but just barely. She won the match by several points in the end and it was an amazing experience to truly get my ass kicked like that. Incredible, and she is just so beautiful. Go see her!

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