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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic

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(FYI: I get regular covid tests for all the sessions I do and production so I am very safe. )


Read to bottom please!


My scissors are death. I am also known as Agatha the Cannibal Carter in Lingerie Fighting Championships. I discovered my love for fighting when training in various martial arts like jujitsu and karate. I have performed for companies like Competitive Ents, Evolved Lez, Female Fightclub, My Legs Rule, Scissor Vixens, Utopia, CPL, etc. as a model and fighter. I love to work out and train. I love to be fit. I love to fight. I love competition.

I love to smother and dominate men and throw them around like rag dolls. I love to roll and grapple. Im strong and I am a dancer, as well. I have very long powerful legs that can crush you. Once you get tangled in these limbs, there is no escape. Do you prefer squeeze jail or squeeze prison? Either way. Im locking you up and throwing away the key. I am very open-minded and a naturally dominant woman. I love to role play and I am very creative and can be as sadistic or as sensual as needed. I love both. I enjoy my feet worshiped as well as my ass and legs. I love vore, too, and no fantasies frighten me.

When you email me about a session, let me know: your location, date you will be here in VEGAS, how long you wish to session for, what time you wish to session, and the details of your desire. No vague emails. I will also need at least ONE WEEK in advance to book you. I will require a small deposit up front to assure follow through with in-person sessions. For all custom video work and skype sessions, full payment is required upfront. Also, with email exchange, lets settle the session in three-four emails. You are busy..I am busy. You know what you want and I know how to give it to you. Explain all details right away and that will save time on communication so we can get to the session and have fun!

I am available for customs, skype shows, sessions, you name it! 

To book:


No booking day of session

No more than 4-5 email exchanges before you send deposit to book

No exceptions




agatha carter aka selena squeeze interview

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I reached out to Agatha Carter aka Selena Squeeze for a scissors session after watching her interview from Jenifer. Now, I’m a pretty strong, in-shape guy (can easily bench press over 300lbs) but even just her bodyscissors we’re still enough to catch me off guard and managed to submit me a number of times with them. Head scissors were an instant submission whenever she decided not to toy with me. It had me thinking, it doesn’t make sense for such a small, petit person to be able to bring so much pain. Her legs must not be human.


I had several sessions with Agatha/Syren/Selena in Las Vegas and one in Europe, where she travels occasionally. Even if she goes under three names, she is one of a kind !

Among the best sessions I ever had !

First of all, she is even more beautiful than in her pics on this site.

She is tall and very fit. Cover girl body. Long, amazingly strong legs, and also surprising upper body strength. Skilled wrestler with a large variety of moves and holds, and very flexible. I am in decent shape and do exercise regularly, but I was no match for her. Our sessions were competitive for me and probably somewhere between playful and semi-competitive for her. I remember one moment when I had her good in a headlock, was on top of her, and was ready to hear a tap from her, but the next thing I felt was that she somehow got one of her long legs behind my neck, and then a few moments after that both her steel thighs were clamped around it. The tap out I heard was mine! Go figure. Once she gets those long, beautiful, shapely and strong dancer legs wrapped around you, you are done, whatever the hold.

I like it when there is fun and laughter during the sessions. With her, that is defintely the case. Good sense of humor, great teasing. But if you like trash talk, you get that, too. Agatha/Syren/Selena seems to intuitively feel what one likes in a session. And you can tell her, of course.

She is also a wonderful person. In a city like Las Vegas, I expected somebody who has met so many creepy, drunk, or rude fellows that she becomes cold and abrasive. Not the case. I always go out of my way to be respectful to wrestlers, and she reacted to that by being nice and very friendly, replying quickly to emails, showing up on time for the session, and once in the hotel room, she was just a lovely human being.

And yes, I felt safe with her.

In every way among the best experiences I have had in the scene. She is on the top of my list, once this awful virus situation is over.


I had my first session with Syren a couple of days ago, and I loved it! After we wrestled around playfully for awhile, she teased and dominated me, leaving me wanting more. When she says her scissors are death, she's not kidding. Once she got her sexy legs around my neck, I had to tap. She's charismatic, gorgeous, and smart. She's also one of the best when it comes to setting up the session expeditiously.  I hope to see her again soon.

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