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agatha delicious


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 120 lbs - 54.4 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me

I have acess to a ring in Vegas thjat is near the strip! It is 50 dollars an hour to rent. 


Custom vids available! Price depends on details and length so send detailed request for quote.




1: I require a deposit and set time/date/location to book a session at least a few days to a week fin advance.


3: I am much stronger than I look. Fair warning. I have also started doing FULL COMP wrestling and I am lethal, a natural and love it! I am also safe and sane. I can tone it down to any fantasy level you require.



My scissors are death. I am also known as Agatha the Cannibal Carter in Lingerie Fighting Championships. I discovered my love for fighting when training in various martial arts like jujitsu and karate. I have performed for companies like Competitive Ents, Evolved Lez, Female Fightclub, My Legs Rule, Scissor Vixens, Utopia, CPL, etc. as a model and fighter. I love to work out and train. I love to be fit. I love to fight. I love competition.

I love to smother and dominate men and throw them around like rag dolls. I love to roll and grapple. Im strong and I am a dancer, as well. I have very long powerful legs that can crush you. Once you get tangled in these limbs, there is no escape. Do you prefer squeeze jail or squeeze prison? Either way. Im locking you up and throwing away the key. I am very open-minded and a naturally dominant woman. I love to role play and I am very creative and can be as sadistic or as sensual as needed. I love both. I enjoy my feet worshiped as well as my ass and legs. I love vore, too, and no fantasies frighten me.

When you email me about a session, let me know: your location, date you will be here in VEGAS, how long you wish to session for, what time you wish to session, and the details of your desire. No vague emails. I will also need at least ONE WEEK in advance to book you. I will require a small deposit up front to assure follow through with in-person sessions. For all custom video work and skype sessions, full payment is required upfront. 

I am available for customs, skype shows, sessions, you name it! 

To book:


No booking day of session

No more than a reasonable amount of email exchanges before you send deposit to book

No exceptions




agatha carter aka selena squeeze interview

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08-12-2021 08-16-2021 sturgis South Dakota
I will be fighting at Sturgis bike week for LFClingerie fighting championships! Come see us fight!

Just had an awesome session with Agatha. Everything went smoothly, she’s super accommodating with traveling and sufficiently communicative.

I had a fantasy to light competitive session and she was perfect. Great body, very strong, extremely sensual and the sexiest trash talker I’ve ever heard. Tons of amazing facesitting and headscissors. Her legs are long and strong. There was no escaping and no option but to tap or be knocked out.

Agatha is a whole lot of fun, she hugely gets into whatever your fantasy is and has arguably the strongest legs in the game. (I’ve had quite a few sessions!)

Highly recommend.


I had a lift and carry session with Agatha and let me tell you she does not disappoint. You will not find a girl at her height and weight with a petite frame stronger than her. I am over 200 lbs and stand at 5’9” and she was able to do piggyback squats with me and pick me up on her shoulders. So when I say strong, I mean strong💪🏻
She is very professional and takes this seriously. She returned my emails quickly and always addressed every question I had. She was on time for our session which shows a lot when traveling in NY. If anyone has been here, you know how traffic can be. I will also say, she is even hotter in person than her pictures. One thing I can really appreciate about Agatha, is she is not a clock watcher. I’m still fairly new to the session world and I like to warm up a little with some conversation before starting. Agatha and I had a time talking and her lifting me like I was a backpack you would carry on vacation. Make no mistake, don’t let her petite frame fool you, there is a lot of power packed in that little body. She is very sweet and accommodating so if anyone is considering to do a session with her, whatever you may be into, I would strongly recommend it. She is the total package!


Did a session with Agatha in Tampa Florida and she was awesome. She is very skilled at grappling and domination and loves trash talking. I drove over 200 miles to see her and it was well worth it. I have done over 25 sessions through the years and she was without a doubt one of the best.

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