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Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me

Alana is a true warrior princess with a bubbly yet fierce personality. She has a kick ASS sissor and an even sharper mind. With a grappling jujitsu background and a flexible attitude, Alana is your personal fantasy girl. 

Though this model is known for her Mermaid, WetLook, Underwater Stunts, and Messy fetish she is branching out into more and more genres and coming to a town near you. Alana also produces custom content and can film the fantasy films of your dreams. 

 Like a true warrior, keep your request cordial and concise. 💪🏼👙🏆 

“Let’s get hot and sweaty on this mat together” -A


Mixed Messy Wrestling trailer
Alana Cabello

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I will dominate your world baby and youll end up worshipping my smooth muscular form the bottom of my feet.

Just had an amazing session with Alana. Her personality is absolutely captivating and will quickly put to rest any feelings of nervousness. My unique request was meet with a very open attitude and willingness to make sure the session was exactly what I was hoping for. Once the session began, I quickly realized that Alana was the real deal. Although I had a good size advantage, she easily had me tapping out time after time. Her pictures only give you a glimpse of how beautiful Alana really is in person, both inside and out. I can't wait to get back to the Houston area so I can book another session.


Alana is the real deal! Very professional and personable. She does have a very nice space to session. She is not a clock watcher as she is very personable and allows time to get to know me better. Everything was on time and she makes sure you're comfortable.
But when it got down to grappling I was truly impressed! Alana has a very good knowledge of the holds. She is relentless and even though some of the rounds went awhile she will not stop until she gets the submission. And I submitted a number of times.
Conclusion is that she is very dependable and engaging. I look forward to my next session with Alana and highly recommend her!


The Line Up: AlanaCabello came across as personable and professional in person as she did in her profile and other interactions leading up to our visit. She has a clean and well-appointed session space in a good area of town. Scheduling was clean, efficient, and she proved to be dependable. Three big check marks to start off on the right foot.... She is an attractive lady who maintains herself and her fitness well. In short, a class act.

Body Paragraphs: Our session was a first-time scenario and was focused on F to M beat down, human punching bag, and a rather thorough belly punching focus with her doing the pitching. To use a baseball analogy, she turned out to have lot's of stuff including fast ball, sliders, change ups, and slow balls. She is not afraid at all to pitch to you, and somehow each pitch thrown seemed to connect solidly in the strike zone.

So, she was very intuitive and picked up very quickly on the body language, so to speak. She did a thorough job, showed some definite imagination, and worked up a sweat for herself doing so. I would say that we both got a pretty good work out, however I’m pretty sure that I had the more complete after glow the next day.

Conclusion and post game show: She is dependable, very attentive, very engaged, and is not afraid to push you to your own limits, or at least that was my experience. She did not attempt to push beyond personal limits which speaks volumes not only in general, but given the vulnerability mismatch involved in this scenario in particular.

I would see her again without reservation.

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