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Phone: 813-670-2219

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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Deadlift: 300 lbs
Benchpress: 180 lbs
Squat: 300 lbs
Legpress: 650 lbs

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***Corona RAGE (This will PASS!) But dont miss our fun! Ask me about Face Time and phone sessions at this time. We all need connection and escapes now more than ever. My positive attitude remains in tact! I have always been big on hygiene.  I also would never session with someone if I am feeling sick. Just keeping it real as thats what I do. I have Purell galore so dont you worry :))

***For my friends out there during this odd time, THANK YOU for reaching out! I am well, healthy and training indoors. Thinking of you all and sending great thoughts. Do know I miss you and cant wait to see you!

***MY TRAVELS will ALL happen! I am intending to make it to all of the cities on my travel list, they are just pushed back at the moment. Feel free to reach out and check my new dates.

*** BRAND NEW videos added to purchase on my site:  VIDEOS and PICS AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE on my site. This just IN: New monthly memberships added!! Looking so forward to continuing our fun in 2020 both new people and those who are already friends :))

***I am located in MANHATTAN. Very central, easy to get to location.

***All Payments sent will only say GYM as to keep your discretion in tact :)


***Customs videos available upon request. Kindly email me.

***ALL boundaries respected. No texts after a certain hour, no problem :)

***Gentlemen: I have no need to ask you for a ton of personal information! I realize this is a private world. And I personally find that a turn off. If we get along via email, and all goes smoothly we will have a great session. I aim to keep things easy, fun and discreet!



*** I look forward to spending time with all of you special people, old friends and new! I ENJOY my sessions and find it rewarding to have all my hard work in the gym get appreciated. Im very comfortable posing.  Im friendly, personable and warm and I have an extremely healthy and positive outlook on sessions.  I truly enjoy everything about this forum and theyre quite an escape for me too :) It empowers me to indulge in this private time. Im very understanding about privacy and discretion. I love this secret world.  I am OPEN to hearing about anything youre interested in. I have no judgements. The only silly question is the 1 not asked. So dont be afraid! Role-Players: Im always ready for you! I enjoy playing out a great fantasy. Outstanding Bodyparts: Though Id say my mind, most would say Biceps, Triceps and the many layers of my muscular calves!! *** FOOT Lovers get an extra shout-out :) Im told my feet are pretty and well groomed and I sure enjoy them getting lots of TLC. My idea of Heaven. :) XOXOXO


January 2020:

For those of you who know me: Thanks for continuing to give me all the fun and trust. For those of you who havent met me yet heres some scoop on me:

*** I am very good with newbies and aim to give good people a chance. Reach out! If youre as authentic as me we shall work it out.

*** I dont care to treat my sessions as business. I aim to add a personal touch and I enjoy and appreciate meeting nice people.

*** YES, my pics are as advertised.

*** YES as a typical girl I change my hair color frequently. :)If youd like to know what color it is at the time of booking just ask!

***Im VERY experienced in sessions. Both posing and wrestling. I started wrestling when I was 20 years old. 

***Ive always been DOMINANT and BOSSY. In general.

*** You may have heard Im a person of INTEGRITY and I value your DISCRETION. Therefore do know I understand your needs for this and Im not here to shout out your personal info.

*** Im an extremely straight-shooter. If we are not a match I will simply tell you upfront instead of booking a session with you for the sake of it.

***My reputation is important to me.

***Im one of the Session girls who is happy to give referrals for either the girl or session seeker. Im also here for any of you session girls who need some advice or wish to do doubles.

***I always get back to people. If I dont get back to you it means I didnt receive your email.

*** Referrals available! The select gentlemen I chose to see know they have found the fun combined with the trust and discretion. Therefore if you feel the need I offer communications with gentleman whove had sessions with me to vouche for me. I introduce this unique service as a means of dealing with myself and my inner circle DIRECTLY as opposed to any gossip site.

***Im a fan of honestly as well as classy and articulate email correspondence. Youre likely to get better results with me by including general greetings and salutations.

*** I do not take deposits and disappear.

***IF I choose to session with YOU: Do know Im looking forward to it as much as YOU.

*** I always have excellent personal hygiene. Youd think that was a given but Ive heard it isnt! 

*** Im known to have  a good sense of humor :)) 

Looking forward to continuing the fun with you all!

***Kindly note: Deposits are required for all sessions. If I have to reschedule I will always honor your deposit. If YOU dont show up, dont call, text nor communicate unfortunately you wont receive a refund. I ask 48 hours ahead to work things out. 


Thank you!


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Had the pleasure of seeing Alex On her Boston trip. I can't say enough great things about this lady. She brings the strength and dominant side for the session and she's super strong! But equally impressive is how easy she is to deal with communication wise and to set things up. To see such a beautiful, talented lady and get responsible, down to earth responses were a refreshing bonus. Not a phoney bone in this lady's body. Seeing her sincerely enjoy her session as much as you with her making things so carefree and fun in between really makes her sessions worth it. I honestly can't wait for her to come back to Boston. By the way I'm not a small man and Alex pinned me right away and I was not going anywhere (not that I wanted to!)


Miss Alex (as I call her) is a rare gem. Her heart and soul are as beautful as her lovely face and dynamite body. She has been so kind and understanding with me and haven't even met her yet! She has gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and welcome! Easily one of the most professional and easy to deal with Session ladies I have ever talked to!


I’ve had several sessions with Alex and each one is better than the last. I’d always been hesitant to book sessions with wrestlers who didn’t show their face in pictures online. Don’t make that mistake with Alex! She’s a beautiful woman. The lack of facial pictures is strictly due to her being a private woman. She has an easy to get to location in NYC and she’s been flexible in terms of time and day. She’s always happy to accommodate my outfit requests and any role play scenarios I suggest. I’m a leg man and she was more than happy to wrestle me in pantyhose. The pictures you see in her profile are legit. She is ripped and always looks amazing. Her thighs, calves and glutes really pop through the sheer pantyhose. One look at her arms and I couldn’t wait to feel them locked around my head! She looks amazing in every sense of the word.
As for the wrestling, once she’s on top of you it’s like trying to wrestle quicksand! The more you struggle, the more trapped you become. Every time I thought I’d found a way to wiggle out, she got me in deeper.
When we first locked up I knew I was in trouble. We were on our knees and I couldn’t move her. I was quickly in a side headlock. I’m guessing she could have grinded out a submission if she wanted too but she just lowered me, leaned into me and several seconds after that I was pinned. It was emasculating to have her pin my wrists above my head, lay on top of me and dare me to escape. I could tell she loved staring me in the eyes as I struggled. When she exerts downward pressure there is no powering out, there is no wiggling out. You are stuck. Eventually I gave up, not wanting to spend the entire session pinned beneath her.
We locked up again and this time she just overpowered me and was soon kneeling on my shoulders, her knees digging into my chin. Once again she had my hands trapped above my head. It was a classic school girl and I was determined to buck or squirm my way out. I think Alex appreciated my efforts but she taunted me and explained there was no escaping in her own fun but humiliating way.
She didn’t wait for me to tap. In an instant she used my momentum against me, fell back and had me in a head scissors. She laughed when I admitted that I couldn’t hear what she was saying because her thighs had created such a tight suction around my ears. I pried and pulled but she didn’t budge. I thought I was doing ok by not submitting but she turned up the pressure and I was soon tapping her pantyhose covered legs in submission.
That tap-out seemed to really energize her. She is super competitive and for her there was something about making me tap as opposed to just admitting I couldn’t escape a pin that really excited her. She soon had me in a side body scissors. That one took some more effort from her but I eventually tapped.
Having said all of that, her two strongest moves to me were a body scissors while I faced her and her reverse head scissors. The reverse head scissors are an instant tap out – I don’t know what else to say about them. She didn’t feel the front body scissors was her best move but it killed me. One she got her ankles locked behind my back I could feel her thighs crushing my ribs and sucking the wind out of me. Another easy tap.
After a while she didn’t even wait for the taps. She just went from move to move. Smothers, scissors, pins. She squeezed, smothered and pinned me as she pleased. Alex told me her head scissors were her favorite move but there was something about the excited, dominant look on her face as she stared down at me from a school girl pin that made me think otherwise.
As I wrote this the one thing I noticed I was saying a lot was how much fun Alex was having. That matters. She doesn’t watch the clock and when she gets a submission or pin it excites her. She likes being in control and she is damn good at it. If you can get to New York City I cannot recommend Alex Lee highly enough!

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