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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 39
Squat: 300 lbs
Legpress: 500 lbs

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Hi there yall.  Welcome to my page. Thank you for stopping by taking the time to read or send me emails etc in regards to sessions. I want to start by saying that Im new to this whole experience. Because I am new I ask for your patience and understanding as I get situated in figuring some things out such as locations, times schedules and rates. with that being said heres a few things to remember;  before I start my introduction about myself.  I will now be opening up my schedule to travel so If you want me traveling to your city then you gotta book me. If you email me, I will contact back very quickly but with that being said its come to my attention some who have contacted me have said Im short with responses and thats rather  laughable.  In this type situation and industry we get bombarded by resquests. You need be patient and open minded you are not the only ones emailing or messaging us. Yes I am business minded and business like and I dont have time for drama bs or unneeded stuff in life.  I am a busy person and have a busy schedule and lifestyle but if you book me then I make time. Plain and simple. This isnt my job. I do this for fun and extras in life. Nooooow to the fun part. Sessions are listed of what I am currently do and accepting. Sorry wil not be doing any scissoring, wrestling type stuff at the moment. My fitness career is going on 12 years where I started in figure, went to a physique and Im currently just 4 weeks into prep for my first ever bodybuilding show. Which Im very excited about so currently I dont looks like my show shape pictures obviously. Thank you for taking the time to read and email me and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing some of you as well. If you have any questions of what I offer please dont hesitate to contact me in any regard. A question unasked is one unanswered...happy sessioning yall much love 

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I had a second muscle worship session with Alex, and she looked amazing! She had lost 10 lbs. since I had last seen her, and was looking harder and more defined, but is in in offseason shape as she preps for her first bodybuilding show in June. (She’s competed in physique division before.) Alex was really flexible with me… we had originally planned on meeting on March 28, but moved our appt up by a week due to uncertainty from the virus scare.

Alex is really beautiful and sweet, and is great to work with. Her body is absolutely amazing, especially her back and chest, and her traps really stand out. Biceps and triceps are hot too. Also, for the feetz fanz out there, she has some of the most attractive feetz I’ve ever seen, seriously!

Don’t miss a chance to see her Alex – book now, dang it. I hope to book with her again so I can see her progress before the June show.


I had an amazing muscle worship / posing session with Alex38 in Tampa in early March. She is in offseason shape and currently prepping for a show in June in which she hopes to get her pro card. She’s big and hard, and her muscles are truly amazing! I was especially impressed with her back development and biceps/triceps. Her pecs/chest really stand out too and are too hot! Alex is going to move up to women’s bodybuilding this year, and based on her look, she is definitely on the right track. She mentioned that she just needs to master her bodybuilding poses (she knows physique poses from past shows), but I think she’ll do great with those after some practice.

I’ve got my mind on her body (always), so I almost forgot to mention… She is also very nice and sweet and is very easy to talk to and seems very easygoing! She was also easy to book with and very courteous. Since I live nearby, I plan on booking a couple more sessions with her before she competes because I would love to watch her progress. In summary, Alex is too hot and sweet, which is a dangerous combination! Keep up the great work, Alex!!


Aww thank you so much. Definetly had lots of fun and look forward to the next time. Thank you for being you

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