Location: Chicago, Illinois
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Weight: 195 lbs - 88.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 37

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About Me

Former figure competitor w background in BJJ & Muay Thai (minimal both). Current strongman competitor.

NO full service. No nudity. I do absolutely nothing that could even be questioned as far as legality is concerned. 

You may have seen me on killer crushes, utopia and fem flex... Im finally opening up my books for private bookings. Who wants to get tossed around?


Travel plans will be made when I feel I have gotten enough interest to make it worth my time!

Chicago sessions are all out calls. YOU must secure hotel or private space. 


**Deposit always required to secure appointments**

I have no idea who left those negative reviews as nobody has ever complained... please note all of the wonderful reviews that have been posted!! I always ask what each individual is looking for and act accordingly (I am naturally playful, but I will play a much more serious dominant role if that is requested). I like when we can both have fun :)

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Book now WITH DEPOSITS! Orlando is after competition so I will be available for muscle worship and massage. NO WRESTLING. SoCal I cannot host... staying w family in North Hollywood. Available for in calls with references.

Does this make sense to anyone else? I thought not. Lots of simple questions can be disrespectful, and someone doesn't post an ad because she wants to turn down sessions.


Watch out


Is that watch out in a good way or a bad way?

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