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amazon haze
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Location: Denver, Colorado

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Height: 5'10” - 178 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 31

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Seeking the shameful...

Im sweet and tend to smile and giggle a lot; whether its in the middle of a beatdown or telling a witty joke; Youll definitely find me smirking out of pleasure most of the time. I really enjoy what I do and I do it well. I enjoy the surprise and fear I invoke in my sessions because I do appear so ladylike and dainty. But what I deliver is anything short of excruciating and agonizing pain. So youll have to endure my chuckles of pleasure as I dominate, submit and overpower you with my amazon finesse. 

Ive been grappling within the UFC circuit and pro boxing since 2005. Professionally making your pain my pleasure since 2006. Training currently in Denver and Las Vegas. I revel in any scenario where I can be physically dominate and use my amazon height, strong physique and finely tuned skill set. I enjoy giantess and size comparison sessions. 

 Beatdown specialist. ;-) I can offer semi competitive on a case by case basis. But prefer fantasy grappling, boxing, wrestling, pins, scissor holds, arm bars, arm wrestling, chokes, ballbusting and different domination/worship. No nudity gents, Im sexy enough with clothes on. 

I prefer to book my sessions through email. Go ahead and start with letting me know the who, when, where and what info for the preferred session and Ill take it from there. 

Clips to come...

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If you ever make it to Atlanta, can you make a side trip to Alabama?

I'll love to get a boxing beatdown from you😘

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amazon haze

That might be possible. I will be in Atlanta in the near future. Email me and I might be able to make arrangements to deliver some mile high pain. :-)


The marks and bruises have faded, yet the memories remain. All in good and painful fun, our session was truly memorable. Trust me gents, you owe it to yourselves to experience the exquisiteness of Amazon Haze

Being a private person by nature, I rarely post reviews online.
But when Amazon Haze requested feedback after a recent session, I was all too willing.

She really is that good! Boundaries found and nudged, yet ever so gently.
Our initial introductions were natural and unforced and I could tell she was really interested in what made me tick; little did I know it would be used against me later on...and no, I'm not complaining!

I asked for a fantasy bondage tickle beat down and that's exactly what I got. HAze was right there (i.e. super in-the-moment) the whole time, taking charge just like she does.
In addition to her incontrovertible physical strength and stamina, HaZe was a true professional throughout. It is clear she enjoys beating the hell out of guys. Her smiles and laughter during the session were reassuring because, she really could have hurt me if she'da chosen to.

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