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Location: Cleveland, Ohio
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Height: 6'2” - 188 cm
Weight: 250 lbs - 113.4 kg
Physique: Curvy

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About Me

I stand at a towering height of 6ft 2in (6ft 8in - 7ft in heels) and have a powerful, domineering presence. I have three years experience in fetish wrestling, am a professionally trained dominatrix local to Charlotte, NC with frequent travel to Cleveland, OH and have been featured in Scene Magazines People issue for my dominant lifestyle! Manipulating the body and mind through role play and kink, physical domination and the exchange of power... This and more is in my scope of abilities. I feed on the energy of submission, the feeling of closing in on someone and overwhelming them with my sheer size and strength!

☆ Three years professional domination experience in BDSM and fetish wrestling. ☆

I do offer sessions local to Cleveland at Red Door Dungeon, and The Loft Studio in Charlotte, NC for those looking for a mixed wrestling and BDSM experience! (A lot of sessioners find that struggling in ropes is a similar release to struggling in wrestling holds, but less physically painful afterwards, lets give you an experience!)

Shoe size: 12W

Wide range of interests, including (but not limited to):

☆General use of my Amazonian size to overwhelm☆




thigh crushing/scissoring

corporal punishment 

pain play





body worship

foot worship of my size 12W feet

back massages with my big, strong hands (no happy ending!)

☆Other interests include, but are not limited to:☆

cross dressing/sissification

forced feminization


hair pulling


food play/sploshing

boot and shoe worship


humiliation and degradation

clothes pins 



sensory deprivation

☆Role play, including:☆


puppy play



prison guard


+ Large selection of activewear, lingerie, leather, corsets, costumes, boots, heels and shoes.

I do love incorporating several interests into a single session, and no two are ever the same! 
Girl on girl fighting photo credit: Blind 7 Photography

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
07-01-2020 07-31-2020 Charlotte North Carolina United States
08-07-2020 08-09-2020 Cleveland Ohio United States
08-26-2020 08-28-2020 Cleveland Ohio United States
I would be delighted to travel to you! If interested in sponsoring send me an email with dates and location.

Review of my session with Malicia Morrigan

My “fetish/fantasy” is to be overpowered physically by a woman. I am a big man at 5’11” and weighing more than I should. A friend brought me to the attention of Malicia Morrigan who is 6’2” and who advertised as doing wrestling as one of the services she offers. I looked at her pictures and knew right away she would have no problem making me submit to her. After much trepidation, I made the e-mail inquiry and arranged to meet with her for an extended session, as I knew one hour would not be enough.

Arrangements were made and the day came to finally meet a local woman who could dominate me and totally control me. We had decided to keep things simple for our first meeting. We would wrestle and would also have rope available on the sides of the mat for her to use to try to tie me up if she could.

I arrived at the location and was met at the door by Malicia. I know it may sound cliché, but she was definitely more voluptuous and alluring then what I saw from her pictures online. I am a “breast man” and even though she was fairly covered up, her top showed off her busom that quickly made me further weaker in the knees. At 5’11” I am not used to having to look up at a woman, especially one who is so sexy, voluptuous and confident as Malicia is. She gave me a big hug and was excited to meet me and for our session. There were mats laid out on the floor for our session.

We started on our knees and I let her make the first move. We agreed she would be on the offensive and I would just try to defend myself. She immediately got me on stomach and was on top of me and was grabbing for me arms for control. With her leverage on top of me, I had nowhere to move. She quickly moved to the side and trapped me between her legs in body scissors while holding on to one of my arms. Being a big man, I have only had one other woman I have seen be able to wrap their legs around my middle and control me. Malicia worked with securing her hold by crossing her ankles together. My free arm tried to pry her legs apart, but with no success. Although I was contained, I was not in pain or ready to submit so early. Malicia realized this and then put me on my back and mounted on top of me and grabbed each wrists to hold me down. There was no way to dislodge her with her weight on my midsection I tried to power out with my arms. I took turns with each arm trying to lift an arm up and try to dislodge her to get to my side. Each time she forced my hand back down.

She smiled as over time my effort kept getting weaker and weaker – all this was doing was tiring me out. She then moved my arms to pin them against my side and then wrapped her arms around me and moved to her back with me in a bear hug lying on top of her. This was one of the moves I requested and she did it at the right time where I was too tired to power out of it

Seeing I was almost complete spent she went to start finishing me off by again putting me on my back and this time sitting straight up on my torso with all her weight on my midsection. I was not only unable to move, but was now unable to breathe. I tapped and begged for her to let me be able to breathe again. She asked if I was ready to submit to her totally and I said I still had some fight left in me.

She then moved her left leg to pin my right arm down and sat on my upper chest as she grabbed her first rope of the day and started tying up my left wrist. I tried to use my fingers to grab hold of the rope to stop her from tying but it was of no use. She then switched positions to tie up my right wrist and then tied both wrists together. She then got up faced the other way and sat on my lower belly while grabbing my left leg to tie up my left ankle, then my right ankle, then both together. I was then pushed off of my back to my side where she put rope around my torso and then pushed on to my belly where she connected the ties together leaving my completely immobile. She pushed me onto my back again and then took my head and lifted it up into her lap so I had to stare up into her face. I tried to struggle but ¬¬¬¬knew it was of no use. I tried to find a comfortable position as I knew I wasn’t going anywhere for awhile.

Malicia had me right where she wanted me. She lifted up my head and put it on the mat and then climbed on top of my torso again and unable to breathe. She asked me again if I was ready to submit to her completely. I hesitated to answer as I did not want to admit it, but I had no choice. I verbalized to her that I submit to her fully and completely. With that she smiled and gently got off of me.

She was kind enough to lift up my head a little and provide me some water as I was a little “out of it” mentally and physically. I was able to sit up and get myself together. Malicia asked if I was pleased and I gave her an emphatic positive affirmation and then I would love to see her again, if she would allow it. She said I had proved myself worthy and she can’t wait to try other things with me that I have an interest it.


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