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Location: Orlando, Florida
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Height: 6' - 183 cm
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 44

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
09-24-2021 09-30-2021 Orlando Florida
09-29-2021 09-30-2021 Fort Lauderdale Florida
10-04-2021 10-06-2021 Manhattan New York
10-08-2021 10-14-2021 Orlando Florida
10-16-2021 10-17-2021 London United Kingdom
10-18-2021 10-19-2021 Paris France
10-20-2021 10-21-2021 Brussels Belgium
10-22-2021 10-23-2021 Amsterdam Netherlands
10-25-2021 10-26-2021 Orlando Florida
10-27-2021 10-28-2021 Atlanta Georgia
10-29-2021 10-30-2021 Orlando Florida
11-01-2021 11-02-2021 Toronto Canada
11-03-2021 11-04-2021 Montreal Canada
COVID UPDATE-I have been vaccinated. If youd like to discuss please reach out. I recently competed in the Arizona pro and I am preparing to compete at the beginning of October in another show. I am open to traveling to most locations if travel and session donations are made. Its also easy to fly into Orlando where I can easily meet you. I live in the Daytona Beach area but always easy for me to get to Orlando or Jacksonville. Any questions just ask. Email me to book your session now!

Hello Nikki ,

Great that you will visit Amsterdam the Netherlands in October , I hope I can book a Armwrestling and Wrestling session with you at that period in Amsterdam


Don't see how I could have dreamt up a better fit for me than Nikki for my very first session ever! Aside from an incredible physique that either got carved by Michelangelo or came straight from Mount Olympus (that's not fluffy hype, but just reality, folks), Nikki was warm and welcoming, as well as sensitive to and accommodating of my limitations due to some health issues that prevent me from doing the more physical stuff, which is fine since I prefer sensuality and worship. Nikki provided both in such an enthusiastic but gentle way, knowing it was my first time. We talked almost the entire session, and she’s got such a joy and radiance to her, along with being funny as hell. A really sensational personality and a beautiful person inside and out based on my experience with her. Highly recommended … and not just for others like me who aren’t into the more physical stuff, because I did get a taste of her strength and I can tell you she’s damn powerful, so I can see why other reviewers praised Nikki for her physical abilities. Strong, sexy, sensual, and just spectacular! Looking forward to seeing Nikki again when she’s in town. Five stars out of five for sure! : )


I’m 5’11 190 vs Nikki 6’0 160ish. I’m fit and strong. I thought it would easy... haha I was mistaken. I wrestled semi competitive and we did some competitive wrestling as well. Nikki took me by surprise and pinned me right away twice. I fought back and got her once and then she got me two more times. I figured out the only way i could make a match out of it was to stay away from her legs. They are rock hard and long. I was helpless when she got them around me. I’ve wrestled many others and her leg scissors are the strongest! Her power is incredible! The rest of the match was pretty even as i felt like we were pretty evenly matched in the strength and power department. I was very very impressed with Nikki! She’s very playful, competitive, strong, and sexy. She’s the perfect combination!

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