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Location: Orlando, Florida
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Height: 6' - 183 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 43

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Fantasy Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
Feats of Strength
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching
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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
02-25-2021 02-26-2021 Dallas Texas
02-28-2021 03-01-2021 Jacksonville Florida
03-02-2021 03-07-2021 Orlando Florida
03-08-2021 03-09-2021 Atlanta Georgia
03-08-2021 03-08-2021 Greenville South Carolina
03-10-2021 03-11-2021 Houston Texas
03-11-2021 03-12-2021 Jackson Mississippi
COVID UPDATE-I had Covid-19 in October 2020. I am currently healthy and recovered. My body is producing the antibodies proven by blood work. As I continue to travel I am getting tested regularly as required by the states I visit. If you would like to discuss this information or any precautions Im taking during this pandemic please reach out. I am open to traveling to most locations if travel and session donations are made. Reach out and lets discuss. I live in the Daytona Beach area but always easy for me to get to Orlando or Jacksonville. Any questions just ask. Email me to book your session now!

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I met Nikki a couple of times in the past year. She is insanely strong and insanely hot. Didn't seem like she had much formal training in wrestling but it didn't matter. She can use brute force to mop the floor with most guys. I would definitely see her again!


I did a two hour session with Nikki on 1-27-21. From the second she opened the door, this session was outstanding. She greeted me with a huge hug and a big bright smile. I'm 6' 5" and she is six foot. But she was wearing six heals, so we were eye to eye (something new for me. We start the session almost right away with some muscle worship!! Running my hands up her firm defined muscular legs and ass was a great way to start the action.

Next we did some fantasy boxing. She admitted she had only done one other fantasy boxing in a session before. But it sure didn't show. She popped me really hard with some body blows and her punches to my gloves kept driving my gloves into my face. Any attempts to land any body punches of my own were easily batted away. The ones that did sneak through, was like punching a brick wall!!

Then we wrestled. She right away put me in a bear hug, trapping my arms with her strong arms. This is one strong lady!! I tapped over and over from numerous submission holds from her powerful anaconda like legs and powerful arms. When I would try to put her in a hold, she easily blocked my attempts and countered with one of her own. Her smack talking game really added to the experience. She kept whispering to me reminding she was stronger than me, a better wrestler than me or that she could break a bone anytime she wanted to. Her long legs easily wrapped around my body (something shorter ladies have a hard time doing). After one of the times I tapped, I tried to roll away, but she grabbed me and pulled me into a RNC hold. She then whispered in my ear, "I wasn't done with you!! You get a break when I say you get a break!!"

When we did take breaks, what a sweet lady to visit with. When Nikki comes to your area, I highly recommend you book her for a session. You will walk away very sore, but very happy!!

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