amazonian goddess

amazonian goddess


Location: South Jersey NJ, New Jersey

Member for almost 10 years
Last logged in: 12/09/2020


Height: 6'4” - 193 cm
Weight: 195 lbs - 88.5 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me

Hello Subjects 

I am the 6ft4 Amazonian Goddess of South Jersey who can wrestle her way out of any situation. Upon first glance, and compared to the many profiles you see on this site, you may think that Im an easy win. You may think Im a girly girl who never gets dirty and cant take a hit. Good thing you are smart enough not to put all your money on your thoughts because you would be dead wrong. 

Although Im not extremely muscular. I am STRONG! And when it comes to fighting/wrestling I am as real as it gets. I can take a hit as well as I can give a hit. Im very good at holds. And my 39 inch long legs keeps every opponent at Bay until Im ready to engage in some up close and personal wrestling action. 

If there is any subbby here who has wrestled with me you know exactly what kind of wrestler I am. You know that I dont like to lose and I will give 100% of personalized wrestling style to win.....did I mention Im also a trained fighter? Im trained in both Krav Maga as well as Muay Thai. 

My fighting style is like no other. I have created my own moves, lifts and holds. I prefer to pick my opponents off of their feet right before making them tap out. I am also not against fighting women either. Actually I welcome it. 

I wrestle UP TO AN HOUR! Let me reiterate I wrestle UP TO AN HOUR! I incorporate my other skills and talents into my sessions making it a worthwhile experience. 

I will negotiate recording sessions for an extra fee. Sometimes I say yes to personalized recordings and sometimes I say NO! If youre interested in a recorded session then make it worth my wild to say YES! 

Also my tribute is my tribute. I dont negotiate!!! There are many fighters on this site surely you can find an amount bracket that fits your financial needs. As for me, Im worth every dollar so negotiating is not worth my time or in my interest unless youre negotiating MORE! 

I welcome newbie subs as well as the curious. Please note that Im strictly wrestling....I dont care how good my pictures look. I am ready when you are. Contact me if you think you have a chance to go one on one with the Best of the Best! 

Amazonian Femina 


No Deposit! No session! 

Up to 1 hour of wrestling with focus on 3 rounds for the win followed by incorporation of other skills and talents! 

Emailing me just because you want to talk equals NO RESPONSE! 

If you want endless chat with me call me on my NiteFlirt link.

Messaging me with one word responses like, hey, gets no response from me. 

No need to message me asking me when I will be here or there, when Im traveling, and accepting sessions I will list it on my profile. 

My profile explains everything you need to know so if you think Im one of those women whose gonna keep you text and email company you might as well move onto another profile. 

Ive earned the right to not only charge what I want but also entertain who I want and accept session requests from who I want. I can tell if youre a fit or not and if youre not I will not accept your servitude request! 

I am a Top Domme first but is very good at wrestling so I tend to incorporate both professions in my sessions. 

No sex! No kissing! No intimate touching! If you want affection go on one of those match sites. 

I reiterate no deposit! No session! You will receive no information about session unless a deposit is secured! 

Im not what youre used to and Im not friendly when it comes to obeying my rules. 

Serious replies only! 

Services Offered

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Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Couples Wrestling
Muay Thai
Fantasy Boxing
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Tickle Wrestling
Feats of Strength
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching
In-Gym Training


Available in South Jersey on Mondays and Wednesdays. Due to Covid I will not be accepting sessions at my private home so if you want a session with me you will have to have a hotel room that can be verified prior to me accepting your session requests. Once I accept you will be subject to having your body temperature taken before any session will take place. My rates have gone up due to demand. We are in a pandemic so if you cant afford to book a session dont bother to contact me!

Great girl to have a session with , I had one when she visit Germany , I did a Competitive wrestling session with her , and look out for her really strong long legs , they where strangel on my neck a few times during the Match and I can say I tap fast for sure all the time , thanks for the great session and hopefully we see eachother soon fast again for a session.


She pulled s no show. We was suppose to have a session Friday. I emailed her to confirm but never received an email from her back until Saturday claiming she could not have the session because she was injured. I strongly advise anyone to not try to attempt to have a wrestling session with her.

amazonian goddess

A client of mine called my attention to this. I haven't changed my profile in years so I'm just seeing this today 7/1/2019 but I definitely know who this bitter boy is who posted this lie. sir Bitter I have never confirmed a session and never NOT SHOWED UP! You are one of the assholes who contacted me asking for sexual services and "pretend wrestling" I must have hurt your feelings when you found out, I AM THE REAL DEAL! And not posing behind sexy pictures and offering "other services". I've wrestled MANY. I travel for wrestling as well, Dubai, Bangkok, Thailand, DR, Germany, not to mention state to state. I take my black and blues very seriously. I Don't cancel. Nor have I ever cancelled!!! If scheduling doesn't work for me then I simply say, sorry I'm unable to accommodate. Please go cry a river with your comments in hopes to interrupt my business that has yet to be interrupted elsewhere!

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