Location: South Jersey NJ, New Jersey
E-mail: amazonianfemina@gmail.com
Height: 6'4” - 193 cm
Weight: 195 lbs - 88.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
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Great girl to have a session with , I had one when she visit Germany , I did a Competitive wrestling session with her , and look out for her really strong long legs , they where strangel on my neck a few times during the Match and I can say I tap fast for sure all the time , thanks for the great session and hopefully we see eachother soon fast again for a session.


She pulled s no show. We was suppose to have a session Friday. I emailed her to confirm but never received an email from her back until Saturday claiming she could not have the session because she was injured. I strongly advise anyone to not try to attempt to have a wrestling session with her.

amazonian goddess

A client of mine called my attention to this. I haven't changed my profile in years so I'm just seeing this today 7/1/2019 but I definitely know who this bitter boy is who posted this lie. sir Bitter I have never confirmed a session and never NOT SHOWED UP! You are one of the assholes who contacted me asking for sexual services and "pretend wrestling" I must have hurt your feelings when you found out, I AM THE REAL DEAL! And not posing behind sexy pictures and offering "other services". I've wrestled MANY. I travel for wrestling as well, Dubai, Bangkok, Thailand, DR, Germany, not to mention state to state. I take my black and blues very seriously. I Don't cancel. Nor have I ever cancelled!!! If scheduling doesn't work for me then I simply say, sorry I'm unable to accommodate. Please go cry a river with your comments in hopes to interrupt my business that has yet to be interrupted elsewhere!

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