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Height: 5'10” - 178 cm
Weight: 225 lbs - 102.1 kg
Physique: Athletic
Deadlift: 430 lbs
Benchpress: 300 lbs
Squat: 300 lbs

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Amber DeLuca, an elite competitive strongwoman and bodybuilder, is the strongest female erotic adult performer in the world, performing human feats of strength such as overhead lifts with one arm, combining sensual and erotic domination producing her own unique brand of “Amazon Fetish” content for her website, Amber traverses a lifelong path of self-discovery, boldly defying societal norms, devoting passion to honing her strength and physique. Amber’s ultimate goal is to enable carefully recruited models to discover what is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience, surrendering to sensual feminine domination by making their fantasies a reality. This sizzle reel highlights key components of the documentary, Manlifter, scheduled for release in 2018, co-produced by Amber Goddess and Xanderarts.


Stats: 5’9/175.26cm, 220 lbs/100kg Calf: 18”/45.72cm, Measurements: 48-32-43 (121-81-106cm), Bicep: 16”/41cm

Amber has traveled the globe captivating fans with her statuesque, athletic, Amazonian 5 9” 220 pound physique since 2003. Her sensual proportions, eroticism, and power have dominated and intrigued men and women worldwide. Her style is down to earth, playful, and fun loving. Her athletic background includes Intercollegiate volleyball, World Military Volleyball championships, arm wrestling, wrestling, former American Gladiator “Apache”, Orlando Live Show, obstacle course champion, rock climber, bodybuilding, powerlifting, Russian Kettlebell Certified, and North Americas Strongest Woman top finisher.  After training for only two months in the strongman implements, Amber competed in North Americas Strongest Woman show, and placed 4th, amongst many seasoned competitors. She tied for 1st in the overhead log clean and press, 170 x 8 reps in 60 seconds, won the frame deadlift, 550 lbs x 24 reps in 60 seconds, placed second in the 200 lb keg carry for distance, and tied for second with 7 repetitions in the 240 lb stone over 50bar for reps in 60 seconds. Amber trained with seasoned world class strongmen only three months before this major competition, in which all the implements were at world class poundages. 

Amber specializes in power lifting, strength training, and perfecting human lifts, specializing in the human overhead lift and carry, which very few women can perform. Her strength in the overhead press is world class, pressing 215 for three reps and 235 for a single repetition. Her other lifts include a 315 raw bench press (no bench press shirt), pull ups with 50 pounds around her waist, and lifting a 300 pound Atlas stone to name a few.   If you visited with her in her early years, you will soon discover a marked improvement in her overall strength, as she is now 220 pounds. On her frame, it appears there is no limit to how much bigger and stronger she will grow. Amber has also focused on filming her branded sensual domination, lift and carries, girl/girl erotica, and fantasy scenarios.

Amber is always seeking new models, particularly people with small frames, and light to moderate weight.  If you would like to make your fantasy a reality, you should consider modeling for Amber. 

Amber has been filming a documentary on how she came to be the Goddess of Fetish, and is scheduled to release in 2018.  Keep up with all her latest clips and blog at


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I sessioned with Amber multiple times several years ago, and she's an all-time great. She totally controlled me the entire time in every session. She could lock me up at will and control my arms and head and body with ease.. She's also just a super cool person, fun and attentive. She likes to laugh and tease you as she squeezes you.


I met Amber just a short time ago in Albuquerque. Without getting into specifics, I can tell you unequivocally that she has a great understanding of the submissive male psyche and everything that goes with it. She has tremendous depth and interpersonal skills. She put me at ease immediately upon meeting her, and she was genuinely interested in doing everything she could to please me. She has a very loving, sensitive spirit, and I could not help but fall in love with her. Amber did not concern herself with the clock but rather with meeting my needs. I really can’t adequately describe it in words. The encounter went way beyond my expectations, and I would describe it more like a spiritual experience than anything else. I will be returning to Albuquerque just as soon as I can to see her again. I am so grateful for the opportunity just to have met her and to have gotten know her even a little. She is simply a lovely human being.


I met Amber too, I agree with You Adude, She is Superlative, She give the maximum You can expect! She gave me an experience Unique, like You said, more Spiritual than just looking and touching her beautiful strong muscles. A very intelligent open minded person, She knows a lot about real life and how to make dreams come true. She really made my dream come true!

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