Location: Atlanta, Georgia
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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 120 lbs - 54.4 kg
Physique: Curvy

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Hi there! Im Anabelle Pync. Im a fetish model. Check out my site and social media @AnabellePync to see my work. I did a lot of wrestling fetish shoots in 2017 and was told to check out this site. So here I am! 


I do not host.
I only do FANTASY wresting & full domination.
Please keep in mind I mainly model and do fetish sessions. I am not looking to get hurt. I am not that strong, but do love to play like I am. I do love to wrestle and am going to get stronger so that I can offer more in the future.
YOU WILL NEED REFERENCES or BOOK 2 girls at once for 2x cost 
Deposit Required 
I will not be able to pick you up. 
I did recently get an email from a guy who is 120lbs and I plan to tell him that me and my girlfriend can try. lol 
I want to be as upfront and honest about these sessions as possible so everyone involved has as much fun as possible. 
Buy my socks or stockings at the end of a session.
I also offer custom videos for $11/minute solo $20/min for 2 girls & $30/min for 3 girls. 10 minutes minimum. Examples at
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@AnabellePync        @AnabellePync
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If you are wanting a session with me and my f @BrittanyXshae
email us at 
Atlanta - daily 
Birmingham - daily
Nashville - daily 
Chattanooga - daily
Knoxville - daily
Tampa - August 6-14
NYC - as needed
Charlotte NC - as needed
Las Vegas - January 19th - ?
Fly me to your city or come visit me in Atlanta 

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
04-19-2018 06-20-2020 Knoxville Tennessee United States
04-20-2018 04-20-2021 Chattanooga Tennessee United States
09-25-2018 04-20-2021 Birmingham Alabama United States
10-16-2018 04-20-2020 Charleston South Carolina United States
I can make it to Atlanta Chattanooga Nashville Knoxville Or Birmingham Al any day. I can come anywhere else on weekends with a flight. Xoxo

Recently had the pleasure of a 2-on-1 semi-competitive/ticking/fantasy match with Anabelle and Brittany Shae -- my first time wrestling with two ladies at once. First of all, it was so much fun! We laughed and joked and trash-talked for the entire time as they pinned, mounted, tickled and smothered me into submission. Don't be mislead though, Anabelle and Brittany both made life difficult on me during our 1-v-1 interludes. Secondly, I'm sore from my neck to my legs! Both ladies are strong, scrappy and full of energy, and taking the two of them on will provide a playful, sweaty and high-energy challenge for anyone who wants one. I'm looking forward to future sessions!

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