Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 145 lbs - 65.8 kg
Physique: Athletic

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*currently editing my site updates coming soon*


When contacting me for sessions:

Write your •Name •Location and •Session type/interest in the Subject line

Please include any references you may have and their contact info(if possible)

Try to be as clear and thorough as possible when asking questions so I can easily answer them for you to see if were a good match! 

Im open for request so ask whatever you like!

**Im currently booking travel destinations**

I will be updating the locations when they are finalized!: )

-that being said.....

**SPONSORED TRIPS ALWAYS prioritized as V.I P!**

*If you do not see your area on my schedule, that does not mean I am not willing to travel there. It just means that I require my travel being covered such as flights and hotel*

I will make special outcall reservations anytime! 


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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
12-02-2021 12-06-2021 San Francisco California
12-02-2021 12-06-2021 Sacramento California
12-08-2021 12-10-2021 Long Beach California
12-10-2021 12-12-2021 Los Angeles California
02-05-2022 02-07-2022 Dallas Texas
02-08-2022 02-08-2022 Austin Texas
02-08-2022 02-08-2022 San Antonio Texas
02-09-2022 02-11-2022 Houston Texas
02-12-2022 04-04-2022 Tulsa Oklahoma
04-05-2022 04-05-2022 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
04-06-2022 04-07-2022 Akron Ohio
04-06-2022 04-07-2022 Cleveland Ohio
04-08-2022 04-10-2022 Detroit Michigan
04-10-2022 04-10-2022 Grand Rapids Michigan
04-11-2022 04-11-2022 Milwaukee Wisconsin
04-11-2022 04-13-2022 Chicago Illinois
04-14-2022 04-14-2022 Indianapolis Indiana
04-15-2022 04-17-2022 Columbus Ohio
04-15-2022 04-15-2022 Cincinnati Ohio
04-18-2022 04-27-2022 Tulsa Oklahoma
04-28-2022 04-30-2022 Boston Massachusetts
05-01-2022 05-02-2022 Providence Rhode Island
05-03-2022 05-03-2022 Hartford Connecticut
05-04-2022 05-06-2022 Newark New Jersey
05-07-2022 05-08-2022 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
05-09-2022 05-10-2022 Fairfax Virginia
05-09-2022 05-10-2022 Baltimore Maryland
05-13-2022 06-23-2022 Tulsa Oklahoma
On some of my travel dates I will not have a location in certain areas if that area is marked with another city. So please be aware you might have to provide location. When not traveling Im local to TulsaOKC Oklahoma. TEXAS TOUR FEB 5-11 TRAVELING with httpswww.sessiongirls.comconstancecakpprofile

Curious if anyone had any luck contacting her and getting a reply. She looks fun to wrestle so I am sure she gets swamped.


It is very possible your message was lost in the inbox -you should try again and make sure you include all the required Information that is listed in the "About Me" section! Thank you!:)

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