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Weight: 120 lbs - 54.4 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 25

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Also Available in St. Pete and Clearwater!!!

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11-01-2019 11-03-2019 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
11-03-2019 11-05-2019 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
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Contacted Andi by e-mail in July. She responded 10 days later that she should check her email more often. She was very positive about setting up a session with me and traveling to me. After setting up the details and date of the session, in which she agreed, Andi no longer contacted me. I got the day off of work, scheduled the session, made arrangements, and never received another email.


Just had a session with Andi who was travelling in New York. She is one of the best session wrestlers I’ve seen in many years! Arranging the session was extremely easy. She read the emails completely, responded promptly and delivered a session that was flawless. She is stunningly beautiful, has the most charming laugh that turns evil as she has you locked in her inescapable scissors or chokes. She was tireless and incorporated so many different submission holds that I couldn’t even count the number of times I tapped. She incorporated (at my request) some punching, kneeing and kicking which were executed perfectly and as she ramped up the intensity, they became very painful. Her legs are incredibly strong – and she knows how to use them! She would occasionally apply chokes or scissors slowly, other times, pulsating and still others she’s start at full intensity. She was unpredictable and unstoppable. Highly recommended!


I reached out to Andi to schedule a scissors/foot domination session during my travels to Tampa recently and boy am I glad I did. She was easy to communicate with and asked if she could bring her girlfriend who is interested in the business and would like to watch. Being that part of my request was to be humiliated, I enthusiastically agreed. Andi arrived a little late with her friend but she kept me posted on her ETA which was very professional of her. She walked in and I was immediately taken back by how pretty she is in person. She's mature beyond her years but is playful and an absolute pleasure to talk to. She's a bit smaller and more petite than I expected but once she exposed her legs and feet I was in dream land. Her legs seem to go all the way up to her ears and look incredible along with her fantastic size 10 feet and long toes. She began to soften me up with hard kicks and that's when I realized how strong and athletic she is. Scissors followed. I'm 6' 200lbs and found my self tapping within seconds of her tightening her head scissors, especially her figure four, because I felt my lights dimming - she laughed telling me that she was barely going half strength. The foot domination portion was just as incredible and I'm truly convinced that she actually enjoys torturing men with her unbelievable legs and feet. I can't wait for my next trip to Tampa and round two with Andi.

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