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Location: San Francisco, Northern California

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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic

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I know how to drop men to their knees (my ballbusting is brutal, for example!) and beg for absolution.  I will take your breathe away (my scissorholds are deadly!), and relish in seeing your edge being played with.  My dominance comes in the form of the physical, as well as the verbal.  I weave fantasies; a talent Ive honed in on over the years as a fetish model/performer.  

Im drawn to muscle domination because I genuinely derive pleasure from seeing you on your back...because I brought you there and can keep you there.  I also enjoy the physicality of it all: the sweat, the heavy breathing, my strong body entwined with yours.  However, this needs to be clearly stated, I will not consider any type of sexual contact/activity.  Do not disrespect me by ignoring this boundary.

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Orange County April 1-2 Los Angeles April 2-5

I saw Andrea when she visited Miami for a facesitting session. First, she is a very beautiful woman. Second she was very accommodating. She tailored the session to my limits and encouraged me to push them which I appreciate. I have to say it was the best facesitting session I've had and would do it again if she ever came back to Miami.


Been a fan of Andrea for years through her videos and I jumped at the chance of booking her when I found out she was offering sessions.

Andrea was very clear in her communication throughout the appointment set up process as well as during our session. We did semi-competitive boxing and semi-competitive wrestling and I had tons of fun with both parts.

Highly recommend seeing her!


I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to meet the amazing Andrea Rosu last year in Chicago. One of my all time favorite sessions. We had a brief email exchange prior to the session, so she knew my interests going into the session and she hit them all.

There is nothing hotter than her looking you in the eyes while she is crushing your skull with her awesome legs. Beautiful solid thighs and neck numbing, rock hard calves.

Andrea is a total sweetheart, when she is not squeezing the life out of you. I highly recommend her and live to see her again

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