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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic

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                                                Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Purple Belt III 
                                              4x IBJJF World Master Jiu-Jitsu Champion 
                                                          6x SJJIF Worlds Champion
                                    Located 25 minutes from Downtown LA and Hollywood.
                                                    (Not agressive guys, I love submissive men, willing to make a deposit)
                    ---Please be direct and concise in e-mail: date/time/deposit if we agree on terms----
                                                       -Open Minded, Intellectual, Professional. Respectful
-I do not engage in Idle talk thru e-mail/text. I Enjoy meaningful conversations face to face.

Customer testimonials:

* Wrestling with you was the most sensual and erotic experience of my life.  
Now I know what it is like to be overpowered, taken and ravaged.  Can’t wait to see you again * B.E
*Thank you so much for an incredible session.  Your ability to dominate me is so impressive. You held me in a mounted triangle and said there is no escape from this hold and those words stuck in my head. You were holding me and toying with me, I would try and move but I couldnt.  Im such a big strong guy, and its an amazing feeling, to be at your mercy. I will be thinking about you all night, and I very much look forward to our next session. * J.R

Submission Wrestling, Scissoring, Fantasy/Sensual wrestling, , FaceSitting , Smothering, Chokes.

Control holds, Rear Naked Choke, Triangle (front/mounted) etc.

Deposit Required: $70 Paypal/Zelle:

*Price per session: $270/hour * !!!  

-Not a clock watcher.  Clean / Discreet. Quick response.

Tournaments Match:


SesssionGirls interview #33 - Anji

Services Offered

Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Female vs Female

Hope I can book as surprise a Gi Judo or BJJ session for my girlfriend Hannah this summer in July when I will be in Los Angeles with her. Would be nice to see her doing a session with Anji a BJJ WORLDCHAMP ones being a wish of Hannah having a session ones against a Champion of Judo or BJJ .Hannah 40yr , 170cm and 70kg , 3e dan blackbelt Judo and Purplebelt BJJ.


Anji is the best session I’ve had. And I’ve sessioned with some of the best. I love the strong skilled women that exists on this site, but I’m not one to just let a session wrestler win. Not only did I not let Anji win, I didn’t get a single submission. And I’m no pushover when it comes to grappling.

The first kill took a while for Anji to secure. We struggled back and forth. I was on the defensive most of the time, thwarting submission attempts. Finally, Anji caught me in a modified triangle of some sort. She didn’t squeeze to finish right away. Anji amped up the pressure incrementally until she left me a drooling mess in her triangle choke, belly-down, too weak to tap. Anji thankfully let go before I drifted off to dreamland.

After the first fall, I tried my hardest to get a submission. One time, I started off on the attack as Anji played guard. I tried to use my strength and size to bully her a little. Anji left with my right arm as a souvenir after applying a slick straight arm bar submission.

The more we rolled the more she got use to my defense, and each subsequent submission sunk me deeper into subspace as I realized...I couldn’t beat her. During one of the last competitive falls Anji held me down from side-control as I tried to escape. I flopped around like a fish out of water attempting to escape, but Anji calmly held me in position until I gave in. I stopped moving, and she finally finished me with an Americana.

At that point, I had nothing left, I was hers as she had her way with me. She tossed me around like a rag doll. She cranked my shoulder from mount, successfully claiming both my arms( in case you lost count) and left shoulder as hers. Anji stretched me out in a bone-cracking grapevine. Talked about how she could break me as she held me in a tight bodyscissor. Oh yeah, and she put me to bed with a rear-naked-choke. Like Anji told me before our session, tap or nap. She let go as soon as I went out, and it’s something I told her was okay before our session. She made sure to nurse me back to health as I regained my senses.

The biggest thing I got from Anji was a sense of how sweet of a being she is. She’s nice, thoughtful, and a true martial artist. Between rolls we talked about Jiu-jitsu technique, Buddhist philosophy, her background in Colombia, you name it. She also gifted me some books on finding flow, and the middle path. During our session we went well over the two hour limit. It was so amazing that I did another two hour session a few days later. Anji is the real deal and I doubt you will find a better session. She’s the best session I’ve had, and it would be an honor to do it again.


Thank you for your visit, I enjoyed your company as well. Hope to see you again in the near future.
Best wishes,

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