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Weight: 125 lbs - 56.7 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Aqua X - Fetish Model & Performance Artist

Please include your name/alias, photo, location and special requests. 
I request at least 1-2 references from someone you have previously sessioned with.

Deposit is required for all sessions. 

8 years experience as a model, dancer and makeup artist, about 2 years wrestling.

I have worked with VeVe Lane of Doom Maidens, Hanz VanderKill, Ursa, Aralia, Sydneys Elite Sirens 

Facesitting, scissoring, sensual domination, oil wrestling, light semi-competitive, fantasy, and custom sessions are my specialty.

Inquire at for more info on sessions and rates.


I travel regularly to Boston, NYC, and I am planning trips to DC, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami/Tampa and more in 2018. Available to travel to other locations on request if travel is covered.


Services Offered

Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Foxy Boxing
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling

The minute I saw Aqua X's listing on here, I knew I had to session with her. She is one of the most stunningly beautiful women I've ever seen. Her videos, especially with ScissorVixens, sealed the deal. Finally our schedules jived and today my fantasy came true.

The drive to New York was brutal, and the drive back was even worse, but the session today was well worth the traffic battles. Aqua is just gorgeous, inside and out. Her dancer's body is petite, lithe, fit and incredibly sexy. And she is a super sweetheart. Smart and funny, she was a delight in every way. I was unusually nervous to meet her, but she made me feel quickly comfortable.

The first squeeze in a session is so telling in terms of the type of session it's going to be. Aqua is not the strongest girl I've experienced, but she is plenty strong, much stronger than she looks. I was not disappointed to realize the hour was going to be more sensual than scary.

I've only tapped with two women, Cypruss Allure and Janira Wolfe. While I didn't feel that need with Aqua, she did provide delightful scissor squeezes in a wide variety of positions. Cypruss and Janira squeeze and then add levels of pressure to the point of panic; it's tap or sleep with them. Aqua applies pressure, then relaxes, and then pulses and flexes with more pressure. It's really sexy; I likened it to a python or boa constrictor. Her long legs are toned and muscular, and she certainly squeezed with enough pressure to cause heavenly discomfort. She was strong enough to make me moan in a combination of tactile pleasure and mild distress. At one point, she had my leg painfully scissored between hers, and I thought she could probably break it if she wanted to.

She is very flexible and creative in her scissor positions. She wrapped around me in ways I'd never experienced. I especially loved looking up at her as she sat atop me with her so sexy legs wrapped tightly around my neck.

Aqua provided a wonderful, very sensual session that was over much too quickly. I would love to see her again, and I highly recommend her.

Before hugging her goodbye, I asked if I could just live between her legs. She laughed and said yes, but I'd have to pay rent. If I ever win the lottery...


Aqua was by far one of my favorite sessions ever! First she's stunningly beautiful, even better than her pics. She's also extremely pleasant and interesting to talk to, definitely has a head on her shoulders. But of course the best part was the session. We had a semi-comp wrestling match, and she's surprisingly strong for her size, and she vastly underestimated her wrestling skills. I was caught in her holds and tapped out more times than I could count. I told her in the beginning to be as creative as she liked, and she definitely was. At first it was more competitive, but as I got tired and she did not, she basically started toying with me, and talked smack as she face sat me at will and scissored my head off. Will definitely session with her again when she comes back to my town... Hopefully soon!


I had the pleasure of meeting
Aqua X on her trip to Boston on Sunday for semi-comp wrestling. First off communication thru email was A + as to location ,need and type of session I wanted. I will say this she is strong, beautiful and has a killer pair of legs from being a dancer. I booked her for 2.5 hrs that went by quite fast and I will say at 2 hr mark I was quite worn out being a 6ft 240 in good shape guy. She definitely has good wrestling skills from being around what I think is one of the best VeVe Lane. Needless to say I did a lot of tapping and only managed to gain control once. If you get a chance or see this girl coming to your city check her out she’s worth it all. I will look forward to seeing her again. Thanks AQUA X. !!!

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