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Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
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A keen and spunky fighter in a petite package, Aralia is actively training in submission grappling to ever improve her skills. Shes known for her sweetness, sass, and playful domination on the mats, and off the mats, shes a bright conversationalist, an art model, a womens health worker, and a student of mycology.

Aralias always game for fantasy, competitive, semi-competitive, domination, body worship and women v women matches - throw an idea her way and shell likely be happy to play with it and play with you.

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I will be at Pippas Submission Room for a live filming event on December 9th and will be offering sessions at my own space and other session spaces in London. Available for mini-sessions on December 9th at The Submission Room event as well! Copenhagen - I decided to grace your lovely city with my sassy sweet self. Pay me a visit if you dare!

Oh boy. I wasn't prepared for Aralia. She's tiny and cute, right? Sure, but she's also deadly. In the last ten years or so, I've met dozens of wrestlers. Aralia's triangle choke is the tightest I've ever felt.

Picture this: after a smooth email conversation, you meet a young woman in a hotel lobby. "She's even more beautiful in person", you think. You exchange a few pleasantries and walk to her room, where she invites you to get changed in the bathroom. When you join her in the bedroom, she's become another person: sure, she looks great in her black leotard and tights, but the dangerous glint in her eyes deters you from staring. The girl next door is gone and whatever has replaced her is watching you like a cat or a snake might watch a mouse.

You both get on the bed and for a few seconds, you feel better. She's so small on her knees! Surely you'll be able to resist her.

Wrong. She pounces on you with a curious mix of playful glee and focused aggression. You fight back. You try to catch her, to hold her in place, but somehow her limbs find their way around you. She tries to bodyscissor you. Fortunately, your core can take it. It's not lost yet.

Wrong again! Her legs are around your neck. Maybe they got there while you were stupidly trying to break free of her bodyscisor. Maybe she was pinning you and managed to pull you into a headscissor. Maybe they just teleported, for all you could do about it! The point is, you're done. The headscissor is a diversion. She'll squeeze just long enough for you to realise who's in charge, then she'll apply her triangle choke.

She knows exactly what she's doing. Her thighs find their exact place around your neck. Her confident smile while she shifts her hips to tighten the hold drives you crazy. She's not squeezing yet and you're light-headed already. If you're lucky, maybe she'll knock you out. But if she enjoys the noises that escape you when you fight for consciousness... it won't be long before you can't tell anymore whether you love or hate her.

I can't wait to meet her again.


This is my own review that i copied amd pasted here from Twitter, just to reconfirm, u can also review it on her Twitter page or mine, she is simply awsome ...
@AraliaDM such a wonderful person she is, just simply Amaaaaaaaazing, very humble and very down to earth, pleasure to be around, i had a great great great time, and did i mention that she is very beautiful... 🤗🤗😘😁,


I had an amazing session with Aralia yesterday in Detroit! I had been a big fan of hers for awhile now, and was excited to see she was coming to the Midwest. She did not disappoint!

Setting up the Session was very easy. Aralia is super friendly and professional in person and in our correspondence. She is very considerate in finding out what you're looking for in a session.

We did a fantasy wrestling session, I'm very submissive so she did a great job dominating me and putting me in my place. I tend not to fight back much, but I could tell that she really knows her stuff and would have wiped the floor with me in a more competitive setting. She put in me in numerous different holds, which was very exciting, as sometimes other ladies stick to only a few moves throughout the session. Aralia worked over my arms, legs, torso, head, and neck, and I was absolutely helpless most of the time!

By the end of the session she was using me as her throne! Which was a position I was honored to be in.

Whether you're looking for a fantasy or more competitive session, I'd definitely check Aralia out! She's the whole package, talented, beautiful, strong, sweet, yet dominating, and has a very fun sense of humor! I hope I see her again soon!

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