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Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Slim

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A keen and spunky fighter in a petite package, Aralia is actively training in submission grappling to ever improve her skills. Shes known for her sweetness, sass, and playful domination on the mats, and off the mats, shes a bright conversationalist, an art model, a womens health worker, and a student of mycology.

Aralias always game for fantasy, competitive, semi-competitive, domination, body worship and women v women matches - throw an idea her way and shell likely be happy to play with it and play with you.

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Competitive Wrestling
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Pro Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Tag Team Matches
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling


Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
10-25-2018 10-26-2018 Boston Massachusetts United States
11-11-2018 11-13-2018 Detroit Michigan United States
11-13-2018 11-14-2018 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
11-14-2018 11-15-2018 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
12-07-2018 12-11-2018 London United Kingdom
Late October I will be in Boston with the sweet and brutal Kimchi Fetish! httpswww.sessiongirls.comkimchifetishprofile We are available for individual and double sessions! November 11th - 15th I will be traveling with the powerful Ursa Fierce! We are available for double sessions. I will be at Pippas Submission Room on December 9th and will be offering sessions at my own space and other session spaces in London. Available for mini-sessions at The Submission Room as well!

I had a semi-competitive wrestling session with Aralia, I had a great time. She is a very pretty young woman and she is very quick. If she continues her training, I think she is going to be pretty dominate. I like that she is willing to try techniques that she usually doesn't do. I will see this young firecracker again because, she is really good, fun, and I had a great time.


I recently had another semi -comp session with Aralia in Boston for the 2nd time last Wednesday because my first session went so well from communication thru email to the actual session. I posted my 1 st review on 4/2/2018 and stand by everything said in that session and did book 2 hrs this time around and this session to be even more intense to I would say almost a competitive match.
And I find myself writing this review because I see a bad review that looks like was written by what I would call school child. I wanna make clear to anyone reading this that Aralia stayed at a hotel that there is only one of in the city of Boston that can be seen off a major highway in both directions and is located on a major blvd.Her name is spelled wrong.And the last thing this girl is gonna do is rush you out for food. I’ll say to you Warren go troll on someone else.
I’ll say it again guys you want to wrestle a girl with skills and like a girl who will wrestle you to your limits get in touch with Aralia she’s worth every penny. And as for that one scum bag review read it and take it for what it says.
Aralia I’ll see you in the fall for a 3 rd session ,,your one of the best!!
This is Rick from Boston if that’s suppose to mean something. Lol


i saw aralia in boston on june13 for 2nd time we had a belly punching fantasy wrestling session it was excellent she is easy to set up session wanted to make sure i was enjoying session i have had a numerous belly punching sessions and thought she was one of best will repeat again and look forward to next session totally enjoyed session

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