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Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Slim

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A keen and spunky fighter in a petite package, Aralia is actively training in submission grappling to ever improve her skills. Shes known for her sweetness, sass, and playful domination on the mats, and off the mats, shes a bright conversationalist, an art model, a womens health worker, and a student of mycology.

Aralias always game for fantasy, competitive, semi-competitive, domination, body worship and women v women matches - throw an idea her way and shell likely be happy to play with it and play with you.

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Fantasy Wrestling
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Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
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As stated in her specs, Aralia is tiny! But wow is she ever strong and skilled. I met her for a fantasy/semi comp session, where I wouldn't offer much resistance to being put into holds, but then I'd try my hardest to get out. I had no answer for any of her holds! I think I could have put up more of a fight in the first place, and she'd still have had the same results. I'm 6'2" and around 240 pounds, and she was able to keep me in every single hold that she put me in. I've never had anyone face sit me that hard, but I was 100% unable to get out from under her facesit, or breathe while in there, and I was trying as hard as I could. Usually I can squirm my way out of a facesit, or at least breathe through it, even with girls a fair bit larger than Aralia. She put me in camel clutch holds, lotus lock, different scissors, triangles, and was able to get me to tap on all them. Even when she'd just hold me without enough pressure to tap, I wasn't able to free myself from any of her holds! It is so euphoric being completely trapped in a hold by such a small, strong woman, and then being made to submit to her pressure. I always thought camel clutch holds looked like they'd be easy to free your arms from and use them to help get out. I tried numerous times to unhook my arms from over her legs and had no answer for that either. I was totally stuck! I asked her to ignore some of my taps, and she did as requested for a few seconds. The panic that ensued when I can't get out, and she doesn't let me go was amazing. I was instantly hard. Her mounted triangle around my arm and neck fit so tightly that I was almost tapping as soon as she locked it in, and could barely take any additional pressure before the pain was too much and I had to tap. It was an intense hold! She was just sitting there making no effort and I'm in quite a bit of pain already. That was super hot! She said she could tell by the look on my face that I was in agony, and she was right. She cranked the pressure up on that and make me tap 4 or 5 times before letting me out of it. So hot! Overall a fantastic session with Aralia, and I will be returning to see her as often as I can when I'm in town!

Jim John

Aralia is a complete package deal. She is beautiful and incredibly deceivingly strong, sensual and sweet. By far my favorite wrestler out there. If you are considering her, do it! You will be very happy.


I had a great session with Aralia. She is sweat, easy to book and a good communicator. This little lady is amazingly strong for her size. I had 60 pounds on her and she still beat me in arm wrestling using her weak arm against my strong arm. Shes a lefty. I literally was unable to budge her weak arm even slightly downward. In wrestling, she is extremely fast and skilled. We did several rounds of pin wrestling and i was always flat on my back in less than one minute. She sat on my face, facing away from my head. When i wasnt expecting it she punched me in the solar plexus and left me gasping for air and in pain curled into a ball on the mat. Then she pinned me. I was helpess with my arms under her shins. She slapped me around a bit and i could not move. She said she could punch me endlessly and i could not stop her. She was right. Then she laid her full weight on top of me and started whispering in my ear what she would do to me with her fists in a real fight. She gave a blow by blow description which was brutal. I was both terrified and excited. I really had a great time.

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