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Location: Port St Lucie, Florida
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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 32

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Hi everyone. I am Ashley Wildcat 🐾 This is more than just work for me. This is an addiction of mine. With that being said.. If you are creepy or even ask for anything sexual/sensual I will not even respond. I have a $100 minimum for anything (like Skype, phone, email, pics) My rate is $400 hour then $300 for any additional hour (unless you are an original client before I raised my rates-then you are locked in) I give a $50 discount if you allow me to film our match and sell it on my video sites. My PayPal email is It’s always good to get my attention by sending money since I have very expensive taste 😂 Let’s have some fun and hope to see you on the mats 🐾🤼‍♀️


Ps. My average sponsor me to your city rate is 1k for the states and 3k oversees.

PSS. I prefer to wear sports bra and booty shorts and you wear sports shorts and a t-shirt. 

PSSS. Same day bookings have an extra charge of $100 extra dollars meaning $500 hour so don’t be silly and wait until the day of. I am a planner ;)




There are exceptions to every rule but please don’t come to me with anything crazy 😜 I am a wrestler, the All American girl, The girl next door with a twist and not a fucking hooker so leave that sexual shit for them.

Love you And appreciate you. My fans are my world. 



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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
02-22-2019 02-24-2019 Chicago Illinois United States
03-07-2019 03-08-2019 Boston Massachusetts United States
03-09-2019 03-11-2019 Dublin Ireland
03-11-2019 03-12-2019 Cardiff Wales United Kingdom
03-12-2019 03-13-2019 London United Kingdom
03-27-2019 03-27-2019 Orlando Florida United States
04-03-2019 04-05-2019 Atlanta Georgia United States
100 deposit required via PayPal to You can sponsor me to travel to your city Traveling with Lia Labowe In Europe and Boston Lia Labowe and I are traveling by car from port st Lucie Florida to Wilmington NC february 10-13 so if we are on your route and you want to see us or get a custom let us know

Lia Labowe and Ashley Wildcat
September 2018
Session Reviews

I had seen Lia and Ashley together in Florida earlier in the year and when I saw they would be together again in Los Angeles I checked some flights and hotels, found them to be good value, booked everything and sent the deposits. The ladies would be heading to Hawaii afterward, I’d love to have gone there too but work commitments meant I couldn’t on this occasion. As well as doing sessions with each of them, I decided to sponsor some videos with a Harley Quinn theme. I ordered the traditional Harley Quinn Costume and the Arkham version as well. Ashley spotted a red / blue jacket, bikini and trainer set that she liked, Lia liked it too, so I ordered it for each of them on their Amazon lists. I could not resist ordering some inflatable baseball bats and Harley Quinn hammer as well. This was going to be fun.
I flew in mid afternoon with the sessions and videos scheduled in a four-hour slot the next morning. This suited all of us as we had all flown west to get to LA. We had a catch up over breakfast before the ladies came round to my hotel room for the sessions. The way we worked it was we alternated un-filmed session segments with filmed matches. I really thought I had a chance having slimed down to 144 pounds and done great training over the preceding 6 weeks. However, Lia and Ashley were far better and took great pleasure in submitting and pinning me in both the session matches and the videos. I’ll not say too much about the videos because Lia and Ashley will be selling these on their clips sites. I will say this, they did their hair Harley Quinn style and look absolutely beautiful together in the photos. They gave me a beating with the hammer and baseball bats when I was wearing both my red / blue Spidey costume and the black Spidey Venum costume. Watch out for their trade-mark double arm bar. I got a bit of a groin stretch as they pulled me this way and that way and one funny incident was when Ashley had me in a camel clutch but because my mask was pulled round my face I could not see and I honestly thought it was Lia who had me!
I was on top for the first minute of the session with Lia, mouthing off that I was about to get her in an Americana. She laughed and simply told me to “go for it” before reversing the whole situation and proceeding to demolish me with body scissors, mounted triangles, arm triangles, head scissors, figure four head scissors, and reverse head scissors. At the start of one of the sections Lia burst out laughing telling me she could not take me seriously because of my facial expressions.
Ashley took full advantage of my major weakness tickling me into submission during one of the session sections. I had several great views as she pinned me flat on my back! I must admit, when Ashley got my back I had no answers, whether she was applying rear naked chokes or Nelson moves. She does excellent combinations, always wanting to get her long legs into the action no matter what hold she has me in with her arms. Ashley’s trash talking was excellent, she is a natural at this, as is Lia. They just love what they do, as each was wrestling me I could tell the other was just itching to get into the action.
At Lunch time we completed the sessions and I took a break while they had a full afternoon of sessions with other guys. We met up later that evening in the hot tub and had a great chat before ordering food in the bar. Big hugs as we said our good byes, the ladies needed to be up early the next morning to fly to Hawaii. I was up in time to see their flight leaving. I spent the rest of the day on a VIP tour bus seeing the sites of LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach. This is the second time in 2018 that I’ve sessioned with Ashley and Lia. They are great opponents and I recommend both highly, but if you do get the chance to see them both together, you should definitely do it. Another amazing experience, thanks Ashley, thanks Lia xoxox


I had the pleasure of having a session with Ashley and it was amazing. When we met, we went over the details of our session. Specifically, requests made pre session along with some roleplay scenarios. I’m a fan of knockouts, so I requested her to knock me out plenty of times in the session as well.

She did not disappoint. Not only were the roleplay scenarios great, but she choked me out with her hands, legs, feet, and arms. I’m a big fan of the rear naked choke, and she knew how to put me out easily and painlessly. She is a true expert when it comes to knockouts, as she did them with ease and even explained the process of how knockouts go. Whenever I regained consciousness, I’d look up to see her beautiful face :)

Outside of the knockouts, we also had plenty of conversations. During our conversations, I never once felt uncomfortable discussing my thoughts when it came to the session industry, or anything else.

Overall, Ashley is a true professional and is easily the best session wrestler in this industry. She is reliable, has a great personality, is a great wrestler, and is a true Knock Out Queen :) I will definitely be having another session with her in the near future.


I have been a fan of Ashley since she got in the business and finally got the chance to have a session with her during her last road trip. All I can say is WOW!

Ashley is beautiful in every picture she posts but they don’t do her natural beauty justice. She is honestly jaw dropping beautiful. Her smile will be trapped in my mind forever. Her body is toned all the way through and her feet are sexy.

I heard many people warn how strong Ashley is. Boy are they right. She’s the strongest woman I have ever met. Her scissors are so sexy but brutal. She pinned me for the longest 100 count and I could move a muscle. Then she beat me arm wrestling with both my right and left arm. I can curl 35 lbs with one arm if that helps as a point of comparison.

If you have the chance to meet Ashely, stop thinking and do it!

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