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Location: Port St Lucie, Florida

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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 33

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Hi everyone. I am Ashley Wildcat 🐾 This is more than just work for me. This is an addiction of mine. With that being said.. If you are creepy or even ask for anything sexual/sensual I will not even respond. I have a $100 minimum for anything (like Skype, phone, email, pics) My rate is $400 hour then $300 for any additional hour (unless you are an original client before I raised my rates-then you are locked in) I give a $50 discount if you allow me to film our match and sell it on my video sites. My PayPal email is It’s always good to get my attention by sending money since I have very expensive taste 😂 Let’s have some fun and hope to see you on the mats 🐾🤼‍♀️


Ps. My average sponsor me to your city rate is 1k for the states and 3k oversees.

PSS. I prefer to wear sports bra and booty shorts and you wear sports shorts and a t-shirt. 

PSSS. Same day bookings have an extra charge of $100 extra dollars meaning $500 hour so don’t be silly and wait until the day of. I am a planner ;)




There are exceptions to every rule but please don’t come to me with anything crazy 😜 I am a wrestler, the All American girl, The girl next door with a twist and not a fucking hooker so leave that sexual shit for them.

Love you And appreciate you. My fans are my world. 



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100 deposit required via PayPal to You can sponsor me to travel to your city Dallas travel w lia Labowe

The Bowe-Cats on Tour 2019
Review of sessions with Lia Labowe and Ashley Wildcat

This year I have seen Lia Labowe on five occasions and Ashley Wildcat on four occasions. This review covers all of these trips. It has been a busy year for my favourite two athletes and they have travelled to many places besides those where I have been lucky enough to meet them. This review starts in March 2019 when Lia and Ashley visited Ireland. I made the short flight over to Ireland from Wales and met them at their hotel. They were just South of Dublin City with a great view of the Wicklow Hills. We did not do a session in Ireland but we did go to the Guinness Factory for a tour, late lunch and then into the Temple Bar part of the City Centre for some more Guinness and singing along with the bands playing in the pubs. It was livelier than usual in Dublin that evening because Ireland had just played against France in the Six Nations Rugby Championship and there were plenty of supporters from both nations enjoying the local hospitality.
It was a very early start the next morning as the three of us flew to my home City of Cardiff in Wales. It was too early to check into their hotel so they recovered from the combination of transatlantic jetlag and the night out in Dublin in two of my bedrooms; don’t worry I’d been preparing my house for weeks for The Royal Visit. I dropped them at the hotel in the afternoon where they kicked some Welsh ass (not mine!) and then I returned to the hotel later and we all had steak dinner and wine. My turn to get whooped came the next morning; Ashley has always been a great wrestler but she has become even more technical and physically stronger as well. Lia also demolished me while trash talking as I was tapping out at regular intervals. They then alternated points against me to finish off.
Time to check out and it was on the train to London; first class of course. I did not session with them in London but was in a different hotel nearby. I met them the next morning and accompanied them to Victoria Station, a final hug, and they were on their way to Gatwick. I was really happy to be able to assist Lia and Ashley on this trip and spend time with them in all three cities. I also want to say a big thank you to their other fans in the Ireland and the UK who made this trip possible through sponsoring them.
In April I flew to Boston to take on Lia and Ashley, sponsoring Ashley’s travel and accommodation. Unfortunately, the airline Ashley was booked on cancelled her flight. Ashley tried very hard to get an alternative flight even driving to another airport in Florida. In the end, we spoke on the phone and agreed she had done her best but it was too close to Easter and if she did manage to get to Boston she might not be able to fly back to Florida in time for Easter. These things happen. When Lia arrived at my hotel in the Cambridge district, the first thing we did was record a periscope video message to Ashley. Lia had another session before she took me on, but I was not able to take advantage of this as she beat me comprehensively once more with arm bars, Americanas, kimouras, head scissors and triangles. She had some requests for lift and carry photos so I helped her out. I enjoyed the rest of the Easter weekend in Boston. Lia met me again on the day I flew home and we had lunch at my favourite restaurant in Chinatown before Lia dropped me back to the airport.
My next sessions with Lia and Ashley came in June in Prague, Czech Republic. Fightpulse had invited Ashley to compete in a series of videos against their female and male athletes. I know how good Lia and Ashley work together so I asked if Lia could join them if I sponsored her trip. It all worked out for everyone and after the first day of filming, Fightpulse allowed us to use their venue to do our sessions. It was a two hour beat down as Ashley and Lia alternated rounds against me. The mats at Fightpulse are absolutely excellent. I did much better against Ashley than I did in Cardiff; that basically means I lasted longer before tapping than I did in Wales! Lia was in excellent form and used me as practice making sure she did not get me with a different hold for each point. I ended up being put in holds I’d never heard of before. What I loved about this trip was being able to watch Fightpulse in action making videos. It’s a real slick operation and they get through so much work in just two days. I was able to watch matches live as they were being filmed right up to the point on the Sunday afternoon where I had to leave for my flight back home.
September is Ashley’s birthday month and so I was really pleased to be able to fly to Florida to join her and Lia once more. A bonus was that I met Woody who appears on over 150 videos on Ashley’s clips site. Indeed the first day started with us filming a tag match where the Bowe-Cats took on Woody and myself; we called ourselves The Testosterone Twins. Just type in “testosterone” in the search feature on Ashley’s clips site and you’ll find the video easily enough. Ashley and Lia wore the Bowe-Cats branded bikinis I had brought over from the UK. It was brilliant and they showed off their new merchandise on periscope before we started filming the match. We made a couple of other videos of Lia and Ashley against Woody and then Lia and Ashley against myself. Then it was session time. You guessed it, I still have not got a point off either Lia or Ashley. The next stop was Miami to celebrate Ashley’s birthday at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach. Lia organised everything, they had massages and facials before joining me for cocktails and then dinner. Fantastic French restaurant. Before getting the late train back to West Palm (I had a flight home the next day), I sat with them on the balcony of their hotel room, beautiful, overlooking the ocean, we could hear the waves coming in. What a day.
The year ended with a trip to Iceland. I had a relatively short flight to Reykjavik and Iceland is also on the same time zone as the UK at this time of the year. Ashley had the toughest journey, flying to Boston to link up with Lia and kick ass there before they both made the five hour trip to Reykjavik; their flight was delayed by two hours plus it was an overnight flight. The hotel staff were excellent letting the ladies into their room at 10am. They had pizza and Irish Coffee later before the main item on day one which was a trip into the countryside to try and see the Aurora Borealis. Our super-jeep took us to one location where there was a gap in the clouds but no Northern Lights, so we travelled on to a second location. It was not looking good so we went back into the super-jeep because it really was freezing, I mean well below freezing. Then our tour guide called us back out of the bus because the Northern Lights had appeared. It was a fantastic 20 minute light show and we got photographs taken. Wonderful. The next day we did a tour of the Golden Circle area seeing where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates meet, the Gullfoss Waterfall and the Strokkur geyser. They gave me my Christmas beating that evening in my hotel room, while I was being locked down by one the other would tickle me. Half the time the tickling was causing me to submit and the other half of their points were straight submissions with one pin. Our final full day in Iceland was Lia’s Birthday celebration. A huge thanks to Ashley who helped me plan it and keep everything a big surprise. We went to the Blue Lagoon where we had champagne and enjoyed the warm waters in a private Lava Cove, the ladies had two hour signature in-water massages and facials. In the evening we had a seven course meal with premium wine pairing, it was incredible, big thanks to everyone at the Blue Lagoon who made it such a wonderful day for us. When they found out it was Lia’s birthday they brought in chocolate covered strawberries with Happy Birthday written in chocolate in Icelandic on then plate, all on the house.
If you managed to read the whole of this review, well done, there was not really an awful lot about the wrestling sessions, sorry about that. I’d like to thank Lia and Ashley for another wonderful year, seeing some amazing places, doing our sessions and letting me hang out with them when they have time. I’m looking forward to more travels and adventures in 2020.


Oh my..Ashley and Lia..the best combo out there! This was my first ever session, and I’ve wanted to session with Ashley and Lia for years. Scheduling was easy, and when they opened the door I was so shocked at how drop dead gorgeous they were. Pictures don’t do any justice, and their personalities are just as amazing. I’m young, and was very nervous when I sat down in the room. They spent time just talking with me, getting to know me, and making sure I was comfortable. And it worked, they really helped to make me feel comfortable. We started the session and it was absolute blast! Best time of my life, hands down. They also had a lot of fun toying with me and giving me a good beating, it’s crazy how almost surgical their thighs are. Their technique is incredible, and combined with their strength, makes their thighs lethal.

I enjoyed it so much 2 days later I was back again. Had so much fun. For anyone on the fence about it, just go for it. It’s well worth it!

Ashley and Lia, thank you both again for the wonderful time! You guys are the best!

-Your new favorite client;)


I just had a scissor session with Ashley Wildcat and Lia during their San Francisco visit and all I can say is from the moment they let me into their room until now I have just had a big fat smile on my face. I actually said “holy shit that was amazing” out loud to myself right after I left their room. And it truly was.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not a newbie (well I am somewhat new but have done a lot of sessions with some of the well-known names out there).
Words will not be able to truly describe this experience for me but I want anyone who is interested in scissors and mixed wrestling session to know that this is once in a lifetime experience. I have done a whole lot of bucket items in the last 2 years and my session with Ashley and Lia are up there.
So what was special about this session? First off, they are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and not just with looks but with their friendly, genuine and incredibly sweet personalities. I felt like I have known these ladies for a long time at the end of our session. And I have to say this: Ashley is definitely my type so I knew I was going to be crazy about her but Lia is so gorgeous – I don’t think any still or a video does her a slight bit of justice.
Yes so they have the looks and the personalities but how about their scissor/leg power? Well every review says how strong their legs are but you have to experience this for yourself. They mainly toyed with me and had their fun with “their prey” as they put it most of the time but when they went full strength it was almost an IMMEDIATE tap out. Boy, these ladies can squeeze!! And that’s because they are trained and although they have gorgeous and feminine legs, they exactly know how to contract their inner thighs and right way to squeeze. Ashley even gave me a demonstration. I am a bit scared when it comes to knockouts so I tapped before I went out but came close to it on so many occasions. Seeing stars and their beautiful faces right after was simply fantastic.
One other thing that made this session special for me was when one of these gorgeous women was squeezing me, I was able to look the other beauty in the eye. And trust me it does not get better, sexier and hotter than that.
One word of advice to anyone who will have a session with these dangerous beauties: make sure to not fall in love with them and believe me that’s a real risk! :)

I will definitely see you again at one point in the future. Thank you for this amazing experience.

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