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Location: Port St Lucie, Florida
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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 33

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Hi everyone. I am Ashley Wildcat 🐾 This is more than just work for me. This is an addiction of mine. With that being said.. If you are creepy or even ask for anything sexual/sensual I will not even respond. I have a $100 minimum for anything (like Skype, phone, email, pics) My rate is $400 hour then $300 for any additional hour (unless you are an original client before I raised my rates-then you are locked in) I give a $50 discount if you allow me to film our match and sell it on my video sites. My PayPal email is It’s always good to get my attention by sending money since I have very expensive taste 😂 Let’s have some fun and hope to see you on the mats 🐾🤼‍♀️


Ps. My average sponsor me to your city rate is 1k for the states and 3k oversees.

PSS. I prefer to wear sports bra and booty shorts and you wear sports shorts and a t-shirt. 

PSSS. Same day bookings have an extra charge of $100 extra dollars meaning $500 hour so don’t be silly and wait until the day of. I am a planner ;)




There are exceptions to every rule but please don’t come to me with anything crazy 😜 I am a wrestler, the All American girl, The girl next door with a twist and not a fucking hooker so leave that sexual shit for them.

Love you And appreciate you. My fans are my world. 



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11-02-2019 11-05-2019 Dallas Texas United States
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100 deposit required via PayPal to You can sponsor me to travel to your city Dallas travel w lia Lanier

I just had a scissor session with Ashley Wildcat and Lia during their San Francisco visit and all I can say is from the moment they let me into their room until now I have just had a big fat smile on my face. I actually said “holy shit that was amazing” out loud to myself right after I left their room. And it truly was.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not a newbie (well I am somewhat new but have done a lot of sessions with some of the well-known names out there).
Words will not be able to truly describe this experience for me but I want anyone who is interested in scissors and mixed wrestling session to know that this is once in a lifetime experience. I have done a whole lot of bucket items in the last 2 years and my session with Ashley and Lia are up there.
So what was special about this session? First off, they are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and not just with looks but with their friendly, genuine and incredibly sweet personalities. I felt like I have known these ladies for a long time at the end of our session. And I have to say this: Ashley is definitely my type so I knew I was going to be crazy about her but Lia is so gorgeous – I don’t think any still or a video does her a slight bit of justice.
Yes so they have the looks and the personalities but how about their scissor/leg power? Well every review says how strong their legs are but you have to experience this for yourself. They mainly toyed with me and had their fun with “their prey” as they put it most of the time but when they went full strength it was almost an IMMEDIATE tap out. Boy, these ladies can squeeze!! And that’s because they are trained and although they have gorgeous and feminine legs, they exactly know how to contract their inner thighs and right way to squeeze. Ashley even gave me a demonstration. I am a bit scared when it comes to knockouts so I tapped before I went out but came close to it on so many occasions. Seeing stars and their beautiful faces right after was simply fantastic.
One other thing that made this session special for me was when one of these gorgeous women was squeezing me, I was able to look the other beauty in the eye. And trust me it does not get better, sexier and hotter than that.
One word of advice to anyone who will have a session with these dangerous beauties: make sure to not fall in love with them and believe me that’s a real risk! :)

I will definitely see you again at one point in the future. Thank you for this amazing experience.


I was lucky enough to meet Ashley Wildcat and Lia Labowe together in Cardiff, as they were touring Europe. Although a couple of weeks back now, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one I wouldn’t forget, especially as it was my first!

Getting in contact was straightforward, and everything was set up within a few emails with no fuss whatsoever.
As stated, I had never had a session before, so come to the day itself, and I was hugely nervous, possibly more than in any other experience up to now. However, a hug from each on arrival, and a brief chat and introduction was certainly enough to rid those nerves in seconds. Both Lia and Ashley were so welcoming, with a personality just as beautiful as they are physically (and they are gorgeous by the way).

We quickly went over the session itself, clarifying exactly what I wanted from it and what limitations I had, and then the girls wasted no time in starting to make me tap... From having this calm and relaxing introduction, it was amazing to see them switch into a completely different and dominant role. Lia was first to try out a couple of moves, one of which being what seems to be a very well known reverse headscissor, and boy could I understand why! You could slowly feel that pressure being cranked up, with what seemed no limit to how much Lia could squeeze. Then Ashley started to showcase an array of holds with the same devastating effect. I remember trying to sit up after a few moves, only to have Ashley say that I was going no-where. This was immediately followed by another brutal squeeze, this time around the body, that had me tapping in seconds. I started making noises I never knew I could make! And my god, was I in trouble once they realised I was ticklish...

This would also be the first time I’d experience being knocked out too, in another Lia headscissor and I was certainly unaware that it had even happened! That was until waking and seeing them both just sat there, smiling. I was honestly so shocked by the sheer strength of both Ashley’s and Lia’s legs and I’m sure I won’t be the first/last. Their knowledge of various wrestling moves and holds was hugely impressive and it’s clear to see why they give anyone a run for their money so easily. Their technique is amazing.

Perhaps what isn’t mentioned as much, is the psychological side to it all, and let us not forget, the mind can sometimes be one of the sexiest parts of our body. So not only did I enjoy how both of them were able to dominate me with various holds, it was also fun to listen to them telling me how I was trapped, how I was now their pray, and generally seeing how much pleasure they got from squeezing the life out of me. Even when watching the other girl apply some sort of scissorhold, you could tell they were enjoying it. And that’s what makes Ashley and Lia so great together, they complement each other so well, whilst being so fun to be with.

So much fun in fact, that my 2 hours went too quickly. Another hug and an embrace and I was on my way, the happiest I had been in a long time. The only sad bit was leaving. So let me take this chance not only to encourage you to book with Ashley or Lia (both at the same time if possible!), but also to say thank you for a wonderful and fun filled day! I’ll be doing everything I can to see you both again at some point!

Cheers Guys ☺️


Had a double session with Lia Labowe and Ashley Wildcat a couple of weeks ago in London so here’s the review.
The session was setup with a few simple email exchanges and then the date for the session came around and boy was I looking forward to this one.
I’ve been a fan of mixed wrestling for going on 15-20 years when Lia was just starting out so I was almost a little star struck when I was greeted on arrival by Lia. They had just checked in so were finishing preparing the room when I arrived. There were plenty of smiles and hugs from both girls. I quickly got changed and we had a quick chat about what I’d like from the session.
I mainly do comp or semi-comp sessions, not for the competition but I like to wrestle with women that can dominate me despite my best efforts to stop it. I definitely came to the right place because these girls have got serious grappling skills and both are pretty tall with strong legs.
We started with some armwrestling (right hand). I managed to beat Ashley and Lia but only with some serious effort. Both of them were much stronger than I was expecting. Then.... the wrestling started.
I went up against Lia first and it took a minute before I was mounted and in Lia’s mounted triangle. I tried to roll her off several times but she was having none of it. She has a really brutal squeeze in her triangle and I was tapping pretty quickly.
Next up was Ashley and I remember thinking to myself ‘it’s ok, she’s never going to be as good as Lia was’. Wrong, I was tapping out literally ten seconds later to the most brutal guillotine I’ve experienced so far.
This is the point where things started to go even further south for me. Now it was time for both of them to come at me. They both love to mock and tease as they dominate you with ease. God knows how many times I tapped out in total but it was a lot. I can’t recall a single hold that I was able to get out of. Both of them could even Submit me with bodyscissors.
In summary, both of these girls are amazing. Both are absolutely stunning. Tall, gorgeous, amazing legs and can easily kick your ass on the mats. They have a great professional attitude and immediately make you feel welcome upon arrival. I always got the impression that they were really enjoying the beating they were putting on me. If there is one session for you to book then a double with these girls is a must. I honestly can’t say enough good things about them.
Thanks Ashley and Lia for a wonderful experience. I hope to meet you two again one day but if I don’t I’ll cherish the hour we spent together. Lol

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