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Location: Port St Lucie , Florida
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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 31

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Hi everyone. I am Ashley Wildcat 🐾 This is more than just work for me. This is an addiction of mine. With that being said.. If you are creepy or even ask for anything sexual/sensual I will not even respond. I have a $100 minimum for anything (like Skype, phone, email, pics) My rate is $400 hour then $300 for any additional hour (unless you are an original client before I raised my rates-then you are locked in) I give a $50 discount if you allow me to film our match and sell it on my video sites. My PayPal email is It’s always good to get my attention by sending money since I have very expensive taste 😂 Let’s have some fun and hope to see you on the mats 🐾🤼‍♀️


Ps. My average sponsor me to your city rate is 1k for the states and 3k oversees.

PSS. I prefer to wear sports bra and booty shorts and you wear sports shorts and a t-shirt. 


There are exceptions to every rule but please don’t come to me with anything crazy 😜 I am a wrestler, the All American girl, The girl next door with a twist and not a fucking hooker so leave that sexual shit for them.

Love you And appreciate you. My fans are my world. 


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Country City State Date Begins Date Ends
United States Jacksonville Florida 05-15-2018 05-16-2018
United States Wilmington North Carolina 05-16-2018 05-19-2018
United States Washington DC District of Columbia 05-19-2018 05-20-2018
United States Philadelphia Pennsylvania 05-20-2018 05-21-2018
United States New York New York 05-21-2018 05-22-2018
United States Boston Massachusetts 05-22-2018 05-26-2018
United States Buffalo New York 05-26-2018 05-27-2018
United States Cleveland Ohio 05-27-2018 05-28-2018
United States Chicago Illinois 06-02-2018 06-29-2018
United States Indianapolis Indiana 07-02-2018 07-03-2018
United States Nashville Tennessee 07-03-2018 07-04-2018
United States Atlanta Georgia 07-04-2018 07-05-2018
100 deposit required You can sponsor me to travel to your city MayJune travel driving from Miami up to nyc then over to chicago and back down to Miami so jfnon the route I am flexible to stop at your town. Youre welcome


Had a great time with Ashley tonight in Boston. Great personality, stunning looks, great to talk to. A lot more to her than just wrestling. Upon arrival I thought there was no way she could be as strong as what people have written in the previous reviews. She is pretty skinny, but boy was I wrong. She is really strong, I am not sure how though. Especially her legs scissor holds are an instant tap, no way to escape. Scissor fans will love this girl. She told me scissors are one of her favorite holds, and she worked on the hold for 6 months to perfect it. She definitely has. Thanks for a great session Ashley.


What a session! This woman really enjoys what she does. By far the best session I ever had. Her sleeper hold is so legal. I was literally put to sleep about 6 times in her rear naked choke. I was allowed to record session. For my own pleasure. 2 particular sleepers were the best after reviewing. After she immediately had a smoke, she came from behind with out me knowing and locked me in a rear naked choke. Even while tapping,(this was discussed) I was put to sleep foaming and snoring. Second favorite knockout was in her front forward choke hold with her on top of me. Went out instantly.

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