Location: Canton, Ohio
E-mail: aubrmel@gmail.com
Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 43
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No reply to several emails over several weeks. The website states that she has logged on. Personally I would not recommend wasting your time to pursue a session ! There are other session wrestlers in the area for those traveling.


I've had 3 sessions with Aubrey (one each year over the last 3 years) and I have another one set up for the near future. My communications with her have always been fine. I know she has a career outside of session wrestling so she is quite busy. But her sessions have been great and she is worth pursuing for a session. Please read the reviews further down to get a better idea of what she is really like


Aubrey tells you she is available then never answers back with you the day you schedule with her. She should't be on this site.


Don't waste your time with her. She never responds to emails...


Aubrey is impossible to get a hold of. She responds to one email then you never hear back from her. She should be removed from this site.


Contacted Aubrey on a session. She replied session was good for her. I replied with a timeframe and never herd from her again.
Ohio session wrestlers are a total disappointment


I recently had a semi-competitve session with Aubrey, and I was pleasantly surprised by this lady. First off, she is the first woman I have sessioned with who was more attractive in person than in her photos, not that her photos are bad. She is quite skilled for someone of her experience level as well. She has an unflappably pleasant demeanor during a session, and you can tell that she has fun with what she's doing, but she's equally capable of making sure you have fun, too. If I find my way to her area again, I would definitely so another session with Aubrey.


I just had another playful wrestling session with Aubrey. She gets better every time and makes sure she adjusts her wrestling style and holds to what you've asked for. Aubrey has the "girl next door" type of sexy looks and is fun to wrestle with and easy to talk to. On top of all that, her rates are very reasonable which makes me want to session with her more often.


I had my third session with Aubrey recently. You'll see my first review from two years ago above. Everything I said in my first review still holds. She's fun to be with, has a great attitude and uses plenty of holds I love that I told her were some of my favorites. Aubrey is strong and athletic in her build, yet very feminine. If you like long hair, that's another plus. She's not well known, since she's a local girl, but I wouldn't hesitate to see her if you haven't already. If I were blessed with more funds, I would see her very often.


Did my 1st of hopefully many sessions with Aubrey. one of the best sessions ever. not a clock watcher, well versed in wrestling holds. very easy on the eyes. she makes it so much fun. you won't go wrong if you get a chance to session with her. :)


I had my first session with Aubrey which I requested as a playful, semi competitive session. Aubrey gave me exactly what I wanted and was very friendly, easy to talk with, and genuinely likable. She also looks just like her pictures in Sessiongirls and WB270 with fantastic legs and a toned body all around. She dressed in a very sexy bra and panty set. She scissored me from every angle, and used smothers, grapevines, straddles, SGP’s and various other holds throughout. She doesn't clock watch and gave me her undivided attention. I will be a regular of hers and recommend her if you would like a session as I described.

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