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Location: Hartford, Connecticut
E-mail: avasimone001@gmail.com
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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 0

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I am about to celebrate my 1st full year as a session wrestler and am constantly evolving as I quickly gain experience. I am a jiu jitsu, kickboxing, and boxing newbie and am falling deeply for this community of contact sport. Down the rabbit hole I go! To me, this wrestling business is first and foremost about FUN! It is also equally about trust, safety, energy exchange, sweaty physicality, and mutual respect. I love to laugh, play, and hand out whoopins while simultaneously keeping your boundaries and mine in the forefront of my mind. As a naturally sensual and dominant woman, I LOVE to guide my partners and exlore secret curiosities. I absolutely consider the space that we share together as sacred regardless of how we play.  This whole thing is infinitely deeper than just wrestling. 

I DO NOT share myself. Please do not ask, you will not receive a response. 

I require a deposit paid via paypal or venmo and/or verifiable references prior to finalizing the booking. No exceptions. 

I lift heavy 3x per week, box and kickbox 2x per week, take jiu jitsu 2-3x per week and am physically active every day. Here are some bro 1 rep max stats - 

Bench 165lbs

Back Squat 305lbs

Front Squat 245lbs

Conventional Deadlift 325lbs

Sumo Deads 360lbs


Bust 36

Waist 27

Hips 38

Flexed bicep 14

Flexed thigh 24

Calf 16.5

Shoe size 8.5

Services Offered

Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Couples Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
Tag Team Matches
Foxy Boxing
Tickle Wrestling
Feats of Strength
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching
In-Gym Training


Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
02-20-2019 02-21-2019 Kansas City Missouri United States
02-21-2019 02-22-2019 St Louis Missouri United States
02-22-2019 02-23-2019 Indianapolis Indiana United States
02-23-2019 02-24-2019 Columbus Ohio United States
02-24-2019 02-25-2019 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
03-06-2019 03-09-2019 Los Angeles California United States
03-20-2019 03-21-2019 Minneapolis Minnesota United States
04-17-2019 04-19-2019 San Francisco California United States
04-19-2019 04-21-2019 Vancouver Canada
05-02-2019 05-04-2019 London England
05-04-2019 05-06-2019 Paris France
Please inquire if you would like me to add your city to my future travel itinerary. Assistance is always appreciated.

I just had my 7th session with Ava In Boston what can I say Is wow what a woman. Ava Is amazing I had a sleeper hold scissor hold and strangling session. Ava's sleeper holds and scissor holds are to die for. Then Ava strangled me with her panty hose. Which was simply amazing. I totally recommend this Angel goddess for any session. Ava Is kind,gentle,friendly and compassionate and loves what she does. That Is why I keep going back to her to session because I love her sleeper holds and scissor holds. Setting up a session with Ava Is easy Ava answers e-mails quickly. I love sessioning with this goddess and you guys will to book a session you will not be disappointed. Thank you Ava for another stellar sssion can't wait for the next session. Thank you Ava. Rich



I recently had the honor of booking a double session with Megan Jones and Ava Simone at Ava’s studio in Hartford, CT. Since this was my first time I decided to jump right in the deep end. First let me say that it was a very easy and stress free process to book the session. Ms. Jones responded to all my emails within a day, most times the same day. After a few minor details as to date, time, and type of session were agreed upon, I was booked. The day of the session, I met Ms. Jones and Ms. Simone and despite my obvious nervousness, they were able to break the ice and make me feel relaxed very quickly. They are both very beautiful, very personable, and seemed quite genuine.
When I first met Ms. Simone, I noticed two things: she’s gorgeous and she looked like she was sculpted out of marble. This woman is a beast in the most complimentary way. Before we started, she seemed genuinely interested in why I was into sessioning and I truly enjoyed chatting with her to help me get over my nervousness. She’s very genuine and gracious. She was so soft spoken and kind, until it was time to apply a hold, then it was obvious she intended to induce a tap, early and often.

She seemed playful in the way that a cat is playful with its prey and I can tell you when she applied a scissor hold, I truly felt like prey. Like a cat, I felt that she was a bit disappointed that I was unable to put up any fight. Mostly because she was way too strong for me to compete with and partly because I harbored a fear that fighting her would simply result in much more pain and suffering on my part. This is not to say that she didn’t recognize and respect my limits, it’s just that she’s so strong, you might reach your limits much faster than you’re ready for. She applied one scissor where she held herself up from bars on the ceiling and scissored my head and neck. Most of the session I tapped far short of getting knocked out because I was, admittedly, a pussy and was a bit afraid of testing my limits. This hold brought me to passing out so quickly, however, that I almost didn’t get to tap in time. She’s that strong.

Ms. Simone seemed very proficient in applying holds other than straight scissor holds and I have no doubt that skill coupled with her strength would make her a very formidable opponent in a true wrestling match. I will never know however because I will never test that buzz saw.

This session was truly eye opening and life changing for me. It was the most surreal, comforting, and erotic thing I ever experienced. I have every intention of booking Ms. Simone as soon as I can as she is local to me. Next time I will allow my boundaries to expand and experience more of what she can do. Hopefully, I can get over the 50% scissor power level next time, though I’m sure 100% is a pipe dream. I just need to give my neck another month to recover.

Frank Prochaska


I met Ava in Baltimore. I have never had a session before but thought about it for years. I am glad I decided to go with Ava. She is very soft spoken and if you were to meet her and she was wearing a sweatshirt you would think she is your typical female. She is far from typical. She is very strong and gorgeous. Her arms are hard as a rock. I am older than her and she is stronger than me. She totally controlled me with her strength, but she didn't try to hurt me, which she easily could have done. She told me she was going at 30% but I think it was less. Once she had me in a hold it was just a matter of time until I had to tap. This was also controlled by her. She could either keep me in a hold and immobilized as long as she wanted or when she wanted me to tap, she would slowly apply the pressure until I had enough. On top of her strength and skill, she has a great personality.

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