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Weight: 155 lbs - 70.3 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 31

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Hello my next lucky victim!!

I have seven years experience providing  professional wrestling and Fetish sessions! I love my job!
I love to really get into it, I love to role play and dress up! Like playing ur Sexy secretary with the legs that make it impossible for you to get ur work done... and I want a raise... 😈
I love to control my victim, control his breathing with my scissors or choke holds.. to look down into this eyes while he begs for me for mercy...
I love all fetishes tho, guys are always insecure about there Fetish but u shouldn’t be with me, I love it!  Try me, I have experience with about any Fetish u can possibly have so don’t be shy! Let’s have some fun!!
I always try to return your emails as quickly as possible and I will answer ur questions as thoroughly as I can. Provided ur emailing me interested in booking and having a session that will rock ur world. I’m not interested in just talking about it. If ur a time waster and u just wanna talk about it I’m not interested in being ur pen pal, and I can tell if ur Bs from ur first email. I have been trained for the past 7 years by all the bs guys to know exactly how they talk.i
When u email me, please provide:
Information on ur location
 (Do you live in Ga or are u visiting? If visiting include dates, if ur not visiting Ga, include city u would like to session with me in)
Dates: time frame for which u would like to session.
References if u have them
What kind of session ur interested in.
Well, I hope to hear from u soon! Be ready to have some fun and for ur fantasies to come true!

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I should of left a review a long time ago. Baby Blake and I have met 2 times. The first time was over 3 years ago. She is awesome. She seriously knows how to wrestle and I was in trouble from the start Im 5'9 and about 300 pounds she tossed me around easily. I did get 2 submissions on hr but she beat me 4-2. The second time was about 2 years ago. I was fighting an injury. She went light on me but still dominated me. This time I didn't even get hr to tap!! She beat me 7-0. However I was injured thats no excuse. She even took care of me while I was hurt. Shes a great Wrestler and Friend!! Shes totally worth meeting and having her kick your ass!!

The d

Darnell from Detroit recently had a session allways fun to session with trapped between those legs she didn't hurt me too bad but she can put the legs around you and lock you in five star


Been meaning to post review for a while but I had a session with her and it was amazing it was a mixed wrestling/scissor panty fetish session and she did not disappoint. She locked me In a reverse scissor and she laughed and taunted me and said on the count of three I'll put you out 2 I was fading and 3 I remember waking up with a pair of her panties on my face. She then put me in a figure 4 and I tapped but she didn't pay attention to me so I took another nap surrounded by her panties. Bottom line is session with her!! Tap out or go out. There's no second tap after the first one you're dreaming. Thanks for a amazing session Blake. Hope to be knocked out by you soon.

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