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Location: Atlanta, Georgia
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Weight: 110 lbs - 49.9 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 27

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Currently pregnant and am not offering any wrestling sessions! If you email me, I will let you know that I am pregnant, there is absolutely no need to be an ass about my body doing what it is meant to do because you wanted to wrestle me. Will offer limited services - just know that I’m not in advertised shape. 🤰🏻



*Please read thoroughly prior to email* 

My name is Bambi. I have been doing fetish wrestling for over 5 years and have loved every minute of it. Im also a bikini competitor and power lifter! I have also done competitive Olympic lifting. I squat 240, bench 135, and dead lift 260. I grew up with cousins who all wrestled in high school, a few state champs, and learned and sparred all through out my life. I have also been trained in jiu jitsu. Yes, I can make you tap. No, I dont care to argue with you about my stature. I did not choose to meet strange men in hotel rooms to wrestle them on a whim. If I could not defend myself against people this profession would make no sense! 

I live in the wonderful city of Atlanta! I love doing sessions and travel to do sessions, but I do not host or bring people into my home for safety and privacy reasons! 


I will not not respond to emails that mention girlfriend service or full service. Your blue balls are of no consequence to me! 


I dont haggle rates. They are MY rates and this is a free market. 

I am not going to email you to provide free lip service. If within 10 emails to me you’ve not set a time, date or location, I will simply stop responding, or ask that you send your deposit prior to discussing further details. If you have no plans to book a session, please do not email me. It is a waste of everyone’s time. I am however down to provide phone chat or video chat in regards to wrestling and bdsm as a service. Tell me your fantasies! Phone role play is cool too! Again, this is a service. 


I really enjoy my clients! I love wrestling and I love helping people express themselves sexually in ways they may not get to otherwise. Im an extremely open person and really appreciate the clients who show the same level of trust and respect that I show them! 


Upon emailing me please include: 



Type of session- DETAILS PLEASE! 


Your location 

Availability/ dates you would like to session

Your fetishes - all of them 



I expect you to be clean, hygienic, sober and respectful upon the day of our session. :) 



Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
Phone Chat
In-Gym Training


Booking for ATLANTA only for the next 3 months. Will resume travel after that.
your personal punching bag

I got to meet her, last month. She's ok. I can't wait for her to travel to see me later this month!!


She was a ton of fun and very helpful/cautious with me (it was my first ever session so I didn't know what too expect. ) She put me right at ease and made me her bitch. I hope too do more sessions with her in the future, and would recommend her for sure


Meet with Bambi ATL while in Atlanta. Unlike what others say she has great communication and got back to me real quick and we had a great session. Her scissors are fantastic and she can also pack a punch.
Thanks Bambi it was a blast and glad you like hockey!

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