beatrix harlowe

beatrix harlowe


Location: Oakland, Northern California

Member for almost 2 years
Last logged in: 10/28/2021


Height: 5'1” - 154 cm
Weight: 110 lbs - 49.9 kg
Physique: Slim
Age: 29

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About Me

Pro domme in the SF/Bay Area with a penchant for having fun and playing rough. Having been athletic my whole life, Ive spent much of my free time doing challenging and eclectic activities like sports, surfing, rock climbing, yoga, dancing, and most recently, wrestling. Ive been described by many as fiesty, fiery, tenacious and perplexing. Dont let my petite frame lead you to underestimate my abilities, what I lack in height I make up for in skill, passion, intellect, agility, and wit. Not to mention how much more fun itll be to get your ass kicked by someone half your size.

Im versatile in the activities I offer, spanning the entire spectrum of possibilities. We can keep it to sensual or playful fantasy sessions, or turn up the heat a bit and get into some semi competitive tussles. As a pro domme, I also offer an array of bdsm, kink, and fetish activities, and am always open to exploring and learning some new things!

Emails with the keyword chokehold in the subject line will be prioritized. In your email, please include your location, where you found me, what kind of session youre looking for, and what dates/times work for you.

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10-29-2021 10-31-2021 Austin Texas
10-31-2021 11-01-2021 Albuquerque New Mexico
11-02-2021 11-03-2021 Phoenix Arizona

Beatrix is the first session wrestler I've given repeat business to. Setting up appointments with her are a breeze. She's very attentive and creative -- asks the right questions before and during the session to make sure you're having fun and comfortable. She is petite as her stats show, so if you're doing anything semi-competitive scale your expectations accordingly. Hope she sticks around the session wrestling scene for a while!


All I can say is wow... Beatrix far exceeded my expectations. She was prompt in responding to emails, clear in her communication, engaged and enthusiastic during the booking process and during session, and not to mention how incredibly beautiful she is. Her pictures don't do her justice! Our session was delightful, a perfect combination of competitive spirit and playfulness. As another review mentions, Beatrix is petite but that certainly does not hinder her ability in any way, I was pleasantly surprised at how strong she was. I even believe her size gave her an upper hand in slipping into some crushing holds. Relatively new to the scene she knew only a handful of moves but was quick and excited to learn, can't wait for our second match.


I had a session with Beatrix last night, and I was amazed. First thing I noticed is she’s a beautiful woman, she’s exactly the girl I wanted to try to wrestle me.
We talked first, and she’s smart and sweet and couldn’t wait to start, she wanted to know exactly what I like and don’t and i appreciated her for it. After a few minutes we started wrestling, and she took her dress off and reveled what I can only describe as a mind numbing body, a goddess, I was excited to start, but when we do she was so fast I couldn’t get her, and when I did it hurt me more than her, she’s more than a feet shorter than me, but was so strong, after she wearer me out she just did what she want with me, she danced circles around me, and I wanted more of her but I was done in the end, I will definitely be expecting to see her again.
She proved to me how sweet she is when after my session my car got towed and she went above and beyond to help me, and was caring and sweet, I could never tell that the same sweet little girl just wiped the floor with me, wore me out until I can barely walk. I insisted on writing a review for her because of that, she’s definitely worth it

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