bella fernanda

bella fernanda


Location: Mexico, Mexico
Skype: https://mistressfernanda

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Height: 5'1” - 154 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 59

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About Me

Hi!  I am a  Mexican  IFBB PRO women physique body builder.  I did not start bodybuilding until I was 44 and at that time never imagined I would get  so far and become Pro at 55.

I look strong and I am but my mind goes far beyond my physical power! I do not believe in limits  or excuses . A lot of clients have asked why I became a bodybuilder and now I think  I was meant to be. I had to match my looks with my mind somehow it was wired in me. 

I like to be in charge of my life so yes!!! I am a dominant strong willed woman and love having men surrended not only physically but mentally and sexually to my  power , grace and charm.

I have been a Domme since my early beginings as a bodybuilder and enjoy allowing you know who the  boss is!

I am a Pro in every sense so you will always see me in excellent shape . My off season is tight . I do not like my clients to see a complete blurred body and when i am in contest shape you will have the chance to see a ripped,   hard  ,shredded body not common for a body builder to perform sessions in that shape  because it takes and incredible effort to travel but as i said I am  tough  extremly tough

I am not only beautiful  physically I have the experience of years as well. Highly educated with a degree in pure math.  I believe that life is too short to do only one thing .

Blooming at my very best in my late fifties as a bodybuilder and woman.

Now that you know a little about me ¿Do you have what it takes to meet me?




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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
05-14-2021 05-15-2021 Miami Florida
05-15-2021 05-17-2021 Boston Massachusetts
05-17-2021 05-19-2021 Manhattan New York
05-19-2021 05-20-2021 Newark New Jersey
05-20-2021 05-21-2021 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
05-21-2021 05-22-2021 Washington DC District of Columbia
05-22-2021 05-23-2021 Baltimore Maryland
05-23-2021 05-24-2021 Fort Lauderdale Florida
I will be finishing offseason shape. Send mail for details.

I sessioned with Bella at a nice downtown hotel. It was one where you needed a key to access so she met me at the back door to let me in. In civilian clothes she was short and attractive. Once we got in the room and she emerged from the bathroom in her negligee, I saw what a stunning physique she has, ripped hard muscles everywhere. I was a mouse to her playful cat, or more often, a tasty meal for her voracious jaguar. It was mostly a sensual dominance session, but we did some role play, and her enthusiasm was contagious and really got me into the scene. All in all, an outstanding performance.


Ohio... Great time.. she over powered me.. upper body and lower body. Great time.


Hello bella fernanda ,

I hope I will be free the days you will be in Amsterdam in March 2020 , would love book a Submission Wrestling session with you then .

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