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Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Phone: Cash app 6bella
Skype: https://bellainkmodel
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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 34
Squat: 210 lbs

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About Me

You want to know a little about me? Bella Ink has started to dable in the wrestling, catfighting, and mma for a couple years. Before I got into the fetish work I was always actively involved in sports and working out all the time. I even trained in boxing at one point and was going to do an amateur fight however, I went a different route at that time. Now 5 years later Ive done multiple fantasy, semi- competitive, and full competitive fights. Dont let my weight and height fool you, Ive wrestled and sessioned with some pretty big name people and people you wouldnt think i would make tap. Take a chance with me and see what you got! I love to wrestle and dominate both guys and girls think you have what it takes? Message me to work with me! Time Wasters will be reported by me automatically and will need a deposit/reference in order to book!!! 

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Date Begins Date Ends City Area
10-25-2021 11-01-2021 Las Vegas Nevada
11-01-2021 11-05-2021 Los Angeles California
11-01-2021 11-05-2021 San Diego California
11-05-2021 11-07-2021 San Francisco California
11-05-2021 11-07-2021 sacramento California
11-05-2021 11-07-2021 placerville California
11-07-2021 11-08-2021 Reno Nevada
11-08-2021 11-10-2021 Portland Oregon
11-09-2021 11-11-2021 Seattle Washington
11-11-2021 11-12-2021 Salt lake city Utah
11-11-2021 11-13-2021 Denver Colorado
11-14-2021 11-15-2021 san antonio Texas
11-14-2021 11-15-2021 Austin Texas
11-15-2021 11-17-2021 Houston Texas
11-17-2021 11-18-2021 new orleans Louisiana
02-03-2022 02-07-2022 Ft Lauderdale Florida
02-03-2022 02-07-2022 Tampa Florida
I am going on tour! Get your bookings in with me as I book up fast! I do require full non refundable deposit for first time clients after it will be half of the session price to be sent. When emailing me please have everything in the first email including location type of session this will make everything go quicker! I get tons of emails a day and want to get to everyone in a timely manner. PLEASE if you see a date that might not work for you please email me im still setting dates al though i have them posted it all depends on bookings! Also I will be driving through the states so if your city is not posted I can still possibly make it to you message me! I kick ass and im a lot of fun just ask!

I got to meet Bella a couple months ago in Minnesota! She greets you with a smile and a hug and I had a great time. She’s very ticklish , has a great laugh and a rockin’ body!

She’s a Good communicator and a pleasure to play with. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her.

Hope you kicked butt out in South Dakota Bella.


Had my first session with Bella, and she was fantastic! 100% recommend to book a session with her if she’s in your area! Details below:

Communication: She was timely and patient with me, even though it was my first ever session with her (or anyone for that matter). You can tell she’s a professional. There was some confusion about the specifics of the session in regards to semi/competitive, but I’ll take the blame there since I’m the noob. She was willing to adjust on the fly when we met up which was great on her part.

Appearance/Personality: She’s just as beautiful in person as she is in pictures, but her real drawing card is her personality. She’s easygoing, fun to talk with, and quite a good trash talker when you’re actually in the zone. Someone else mentioned she’d be the type who you’d enjoy having a drink with, and I’d agree.

Actual session: I recently discovered mixed wrestling, and specifically saw a competitive “strip” wrestling match of hers and really wanted to try it. She was happy to oblige!

I’m double her size, but let me tell you she’s got great stamina, skill and strength. We both put forth genuine effort and worked up a sweat. Even though she had a long day she powered through and I was the one who needed breaks (she was sure to trash talk me a bit about it too lol).

A word of caution: if you genuinely want it to be competitive- be ready for a battle! I personally think I was drawn to mixed wrestling due to the competitive aspects, and that’s what I asked from her and she definitely delivered. She was at a serious weight/height disadvantage, but I wanted to make the match as fair as possible. I told her it could be a “no rules” match on her end and didn’t want her to hold back. I was sore for a few days after!

I’ll keep the match results between us, but will give one example where she got me good.

I have no formal training in any way and this was my first mixed match. I guess I am a bit of a natural on the defensive side, and was just trying to use my length and weight to my advantage. At one point, we got tangled up a bit and I was sort of doing a grapevine to her, with her on her back. She was able to jostle her right leg free, and with precision she absolutely drilled me in the balls with a hard knee. Of course this dropped my guard, and she was able to get better position and eventually score a tap.

Looking forward to a rematch, Bella! Let’s see if you can score a tap faster next time, eh? 🙃

Frank O

Just had a session with Bella Ink over the weekend. Super easy to book and very accommodating.

Session was great. She is beautiful and although it lists her at 5’7”, she wrestles much taller. She has long legs which make her seem closer to 5’9” or 5’10”.

She doesn’t have a boatload of formal training but is feisty and determined. She is a big time
trash talker even as I was winning. “If I brought my mats, I would be dominating you” was one of my favorites. 🤣 I can only imagine how much fun it would be to hear her trash talk if she was the one winning. 😂😂

You need to see her if she’s near you or if you get to Nashville. Highly recommended.

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