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Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Skype: https://bellainkmodel
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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 33

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You want to know a little about me? Bella Ink has started to dable in the wrestling, catfighting, and mma for a couple years. Before i got into the fetish work i was always actively involved in sports and working out all the time. I even trained in boxing at one point and was going to do an amateur fight however, i went a different route at that time. Now 5 years later Ive done mulitple fantasy, semi- competitive, and full competitive fights. Dont let my weight and height fool you, Ive wrestled and sessioned with some pretty big name people and people you wouldnt think i would make tap. Take a chance with me and see what you got! I love to wrestle and dominate both guys and girls think you have what it takes? Message me to work with me! Time Wasters will be reported by me automtically and will need a deposit/reference in order to book!!! 

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Hey its Bella Ink Ill be up in these areas if you would like to session with me please message me before I am gone. You might be even lucky enough to get boob smothered out! Also i will be needing a deposit to hold your spot because unfortunately there are a lot of time wasters on here so Ill save us both the trouble unless you have known references. Meaning - I know them... Dont play with me unless you want to fade to black... anybody ready to rumble!!!!!!
Johnny Nobody

We were scheduled for a competitive wrestling session at 7:30 AM the day of the session. I think I knocked on her room door at 7:25, which seemed to irk her a bit. She had an edge to her at first, but she seemed to soften a bit as things went on.

When we were going over things before the match, she indicated that we were going to do a semi-competitive match, which threw me for a loop, because we had agreed to competitive. She expressed concerns about competitive matches getting too rough and guys being too aggressive in the past. But I assured her that I harbor no ill will and wanted HER to kick MY ass, not the other way around. She also charges more for competitive ($450) than she does for SC ($350), so I think she was happy to make the better wage once she was assured that I wasn't out to hurt her.

She gave me a good competitive wrestle. We went back and forth for awhile before she finally wore me out and got me with a choke. After I was spent, I spent a lot of time in her SG pin with my arms pinned by my head. I genuinely tried to get a submission but was unable. She has good scissors and does smothering, both breast smothering and face sitting, front and rear.

Once her guard comes down, she gets fairly warm and friendly and pleasant, just make sure you show up exactly on time. If your session is for 8:00, knock on her door at 8, not 7:55. She'll get a little miffed if you're even slightly early. And be prepared for her to be somewhat gruff at first. I think she just wants to communicate that she doesn't take any shit, so just be cool. It will be fine. She also mentioned that she hadn't slept well the past few nights, which I can sympathize with.


I've had multiple sessions with Bella, and each one is even better than the last! She's the perfect combination of mischievous, playful, and sexy. My sessions with her are usually somewhere in between semi-competitive and light, but she has many talents. Last time we met, she tied me up like a sneaker before playfully teasing and torturing me. When she's not playing, she is one of the nicest women currently doing sessions. She lights up a room with her personality. I can't wait to see her again.


Just had me a competitive session with Bella. She is INSANELY strong. I didn’t even get one pin on her. I usually am able to at these sessions, but she got me to tap every bout.
We did ballbusting like 8 hours ago and me marbs still ache....which I’m a weirdo and actually like but that’s a story for a different time. She hit HARD and talked mad trash the entire time and it was hilarious.
She is sooooo chill. Easy as flying eff to talk to. Very professional and the correspondence was always on point and timely. Can’t say enough good about her. I’ll be a repeat customer fo sho!

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