bella rush

bella rush


Location: montreal, Canada

Member for over 5 years
Last logged in: 10/31/2019


Weight: 215 lbs - 97.5 kg
Physique: BBW
Age: 33

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About Me

** Ive recently taken a decision to fully embody myself . Ive decided to grow my lady beard for a deeper acceptance of myself and reach new levels of happiness. After decades of hiding this part of myself, I needed to take the step to break free from the shackles of beauty standards. Now Im the wild feline goddess Ive always wished to be. Experience the power of my essence and glowing confidence, Ive never felt better! **


Dare to face  the gorgeous heavy-weight wrestler Bella Rush from Montreal, Canada . 

With a solid mix of Jiu Jitsu ,pro wrestling and boxing under her belt ,she surely wont disappoint and take you on a wild ride!

Her brute force and outstanding stamina will leave you breathless . 

This big and beautiful goddess loves to dominate humans of all shapes and sizes.

Bella is open minded and down to earth.With a wide range of talents and interests, she loves to engage in conversations with inquiring minds. 

Come out and play with the big bad Bella. Shes always itching for a challenge!


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I had a dual session against Bella and Giantess Gia in Ottawa recently, and after 20 years of session matches, this was one of the best. Bella is a true master at what she does, and a match with her let's you escape from your daily concerns into what felt like a wrestling mini-vacation. They both gave me exactly what I requested, which was a safe but rough and tough wrestling beatdown, complete with plenty of two on one pro wrestling domination, like dual scissors, trampling, and camel clutch-bare foot in face combos. Bella bruised and battered me with her expertise in lady pro wrestling, and teased me with her sensual charm as I tried to regain my senses between holds and impacts. After a long match with a decisive finish, we had a great conversation on everything from her pro wrestling enterprises to natural ecology. Beautiful, strong, solid and dangerous, I can't wait for the rematch she taunted me with! - Matt Slapper


Bella est une combattante très solide, très forte et très sympathique. Elle parle français. Elle vous met tout de suite à l'aise mais attention: elle combat comme une lionne. Elle a vite fait d'emprisonner le bras et d'appliquer un terrible arm bar, ou de broyer le cou dans une guillotine. En boxe, malgré son poids, elle se déplace vite et bien et frappe au corps et à la face. Heureusement, elle retient ses coups car elle a un super crochet à la tempe qui mettrait n'importe quel homme KO.. Elle a des tarifs très attractifs. Les amateurs de compétitif doivent absolument la contacter quand elle vient dans leur ville.


Bella is fantastic in terms of both her performance and professionalism. Communication was clear and easy throughout setting things up, responded very promptly. Her performance was simply incredible; not only did she do everything I requested but she had the skill to expand on those requests and add her own flair as well. She clearly enjoys what she does and I recommend her as highly as possible.

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