Location: San Diego, Southern California
Phone: 252-202-2032
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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 195 lbs - 88.5 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 29
Deadlift: 420 lbs
Benchpress: 280 lbs
Squat: 290 lbs
Legpress: 800 lbs

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IF YOUR LOOKING FOR LEAN CONTEST SHAPE, LOOK NO FURTHER. You know you want to worship my rock hard body.
5ft 9in. 
29in quads. 
17in biceps. 
Im sweet, but Ill crush you. 😈

Im the boss here.

Ask about my premium XXX snapchat. 
Come see the sexy side of muscle.

I know times are weird with whats going on with the corona virus, Im still booking sessions in the LA and SD area. Lets be quarantined and have some head crushing fun  

Please email me or text!💋💋💋 

I will be in Phoenix AZ dec 11-12th booking ONLY MUSCLE WORSHIP because I will be competing the 13th. 

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Please visit ATLANTA


I second this request!


Big Red is larger than life.

I got done having a session with her in AC last night and it was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. Now this is subjective, because if I see any lady as big as she is, as pretty as she is, and built the way she is right now where she’s not in zero body fat contest shape but still built like a tank, I’m instantly smitten. And I was instantly smitten as soon as I met her in the parking lot of the place I was staying.

Like it’s said in a someone else’s review she does have a super chill attitude, and she’s fun to talk to. It seemed like she enjoyed the session as much as I did, and I’m glad about that because there ain’t that many ladies around that are built like her.

Now onto the session. It was a headscissor/body scissors session with a little bit of her sitting on top of me and slapping me around and smothering me and such.

Her headscissors were more than I could take. She wasn’t even squeezing that hard and I was already tapping out and giving in and asking more and more for her to let up. That’s not a bad thing in this case, as subjectively, I was so smitten with her even when she cranked it up so much(or notched it up a little if you ask her) and I was almost begging, I still loved every second of it. She knew that, and exclaimed “You LOVE IT,” while crushing my head between her thighs.

Another thing I noticed, is that her inner thighs were so big, when she squeezed me, they would push my head down to her knees, where the pressure was considerably less. But then she would just bend her legs and use her calves and feet to push on my back like I was nothing and scoop my head back into her inner thighs. That was hot.

Her body scissors were a little less agonizing, but I was astonished at the fact that even when she wasn’t trying, I could not move. I was on my back my and her legs were across my stomach and lower back and I immobilized. I couldn’t turn into her, I couldn’t turn away from her, I couldn’t sit up, I have never been trapped like that before and I loved every minute of it.

Then she sat on my chest, and that was another surprising yet pleasant predicament. I couldn’t get her off me. Like, we had similar weight, I’ve bench pressed more than my weight for sets of 5, I deadlifted over 400lbs, squatted over 300, I figured I could get her off me even if it was kind of tough, but nope I was stuck under her. And then at my request she straddled my stomach and used her legs to trap my arms to my sides and I was stuck. She spent that time just chilling and posing and slapping me around a little bit.

I’m realizing this is getting a bit long, But I was that smitten and she left an amazing impression on me. One more thing to note, when she wasn’t squeezing my head, and I had a chance to lie my head on one of her thighs, which is bigger than my head, it put me in a very tranquil and relaxing place, so thank you for that.

OK, I need to wrap this review up. If anybody reading this thinks what she put me through sounds like a whole lot of fun, then book a session with her because, if anything, I’m understating how awesome the session was in this review. But I was also super smitten when I found out a lady looking like her would be down for doing what she did to me, and by the end of the session I was even more. I can’t wait to session with Big Red again, subjectively it was the best session I’ve had.

Big Red, you’re larger than life.

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