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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me


Im an All-American athletic girl, originally from Connecticut.
I am Ivy League educated and can discuss particle physics with you while I am squeezing you with my long, toned legs!   Ha!


I have a very fit and toned body with rock hard abs, toned arms and a great ass!


I am available for travel *anywhere* in the United States, and my travel policy is as follows:
I do a few select tours every now and again, but you can fly me to you for a guaranteed amazing session experience!!

If it is not listed here in my profile, I am not coming to your city.

My travel rates depend on how far you are from NYC and other variables.   Please inquire if youd like to have me come see you.



If you are looking to get a fast reply from me, please be sure that your email includes the following:
Your name, contact phone number and a recent reference from a session wrestler you have seen.

It would be helpful to know your age, height and weight - and a photo is a plus!   ;-)


I cant wait to meet you!!


Frequently asked questions:

What type of sessions do you most enjoy?
I love wrestling (Light to Semi-competitive,) trampling, Ball Busting, Creative Roleplay, fetishes, pie throwing, body worship, posing,
oil wrestling, hot 2 girl sessions and I love Face-sitting!!!

I am also a skilled Domina...and I love the more arcane fantasies!


What is your shoe size?
I wear a size 8 shoe.  


Can you accommodate an attire request?
YES!   If I own it, or you bring it....I will wear it!


What are some things you enjoy doing outside of wrestling?
My passion is music!  I also enjoy travel, good food, making new friends and working out to keep my body in pristine condition!


Do you offer Lift & Carry sessions?
I offer Lift & Carry sessions up to 170lbs.   


Do you do custom videos or clips?
I dont do clips or videos because I have a primary career outside of wrestling and I cannot risk jeopardizing my anonymity.


How do I book a session with you?
You can email me at:

*Please include your name. a little about yourself and where you have done sessions before.
I like to get a reference from all new clients from someone they have previously wrestled.
If you have no references, I will need to call you to do an alternate screening.


Here is an example of an email I would like to receive: 

Hi Blake,
    My name is, ________ and I am interested in a fantasy wrestling session on Wednesday sometime between 
2 and 4pm.   I have sessioned with, ___________ and you can email her at this address to obtain a reference.


Why havent you responded to my email?
If your email does not include your name, session experience and what you are looking to do, I will likely not respond.

Also, if your email is rude or contains only one word, ie. Rates? - you are probably not someone I would enjoy meeting.  

Im sure you can understand why safety is of paramount importance to me.  ;-)

I assure will be WELL worth your while!

Now - lets wrestle!!!



Services Offered

Phone Chat
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
Tag Team Matches
Foxy Boxing
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
Belly Punching


I dont travel often so now is your chance to take me on!! A deposit required to hold the session. Cant wait to meet you!

My recent matches were against the likes of Severa and Master Kayla, so I was getting tired of being so quickly and effortlessly pinned. I decided to find a lady I thought I could beat, but would still make it interesting. I settled on Blake. As you can see from her pictures she is incredibly beautiful and quite thin. My 50 pound advantage helped me feel certain I would beat her. When we first met and I saw her thin arms and legs and she told me that she did not work out at all and that she had no training in wrestling or BJJ, I was convinced that I had made a mistake, that she would be too easy to beat. Boy was I wrong. We started wrestling, from standing to pin. It was absolutely impossible for me to move her arms or her body. It felt like I was wrestling a fit 6 foot tall 185 pound guy. I had a real struggle on my hands. Within 45 seconds I was headlocked, within a minute she had me down and was on top. In under 90 seconds I was pinned flat on my back by this gorgeous 115 pound girl. Pound for pound, Blake is one of the strongest ladies I have encountered in almost 20 sessions. Highly recommended.


Had a session with Blake a few weeks ago which was really amazing. She was very sweet, strong, easy to converse with and accommodated my request very easily. Will most certainly book another session with her.


I just had the pleasure of an extraordinary session with Blake. Blake is a stunning woman, even more beautiful in person than her profile. She took the time to set me at ease and understand exactly what I was looking for in the session. She is a very convincing and enthusiastic proponent of roleplay and she is very quick and agile on the mats as she taunts you. Watch out, her slim legs are incredibly strong! She is also a delight to chat with and she has a fantastic sense of humor. You will have an incredible time with Blake!

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