Location: New York, New York
E-mail: blake@safeoffice.com
Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Athletic
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My recent matches were against the likes of Severa and Master Kayla, so I was getting tired of being so quickly and effortlessly pinned. I decided to find a lady I thought I could beat, but would still make it interesting. I settled on Blake. As you can see from her pictures she is incredibly beautiful and quite thin. My 50 pound advantage helped me feel certain I would beat her. When we first met and I saw her thin arms and legs and she told me that she did not work out at all and that she had no training in wrestling or BJJ, I was convinced that I had made a mistake, that she would be too easy to beat. Boy was I wrong. We started wrestling, from standing to pin. It was absolutely impossible for me to move her arms or her body. It felt like I was wrestling a fit 6 foot tall 185 pound guy. I had a real struggle on my hands. Within 45 seconds I was headlocked, within a minute she had me down and was on top. In under 90 seconds I was pinned flat on my back by this gorgeous 115 pound girl. Pound for pound, Blake is one of the strongest ladies I have encountered in almost 20 sessions. Highly recommended.


Had a session with Blake a few weeks ago which was really amazing. She was very sweet, strong, easy to converse with and accommodated my request very easily. Will most certainly book another session with her.


I just had the pleasure of an extraordinary session with Blake. Blake is a stunning woman, even more beautiful in person than her profile. She took the time to set me at ease and understand exactly what I was looking for in the session. She is a very convincing and enthusiastic proponent of roleplay and she is very quick and agile on the mats as she taunts you. Watch out, her slim legs are incredibly strong! She is also a delight to chat with and she has a fantastic sense of humor. You will have an incredible time with Blake!


Blake is a cross between a Goddess and the sexy girl next door. I have only done a handful of sessions, but none have even come close to what I experienced with Blake. Her facesitting skills are incredible and we did some breath play, which I was nervous about trying, but she made me feel comfortable and safe. Her looks are off the charts - just like her pics, and she is funny, warm and intelligent. Blake is extraordinary!! I can't recommend her enough!


Damn. What can I say about Blake? She's prettier in person than even in her pictures (if that's possible) but at the same time she was still tough. She took the time to understand what I wanted out of the session and then knocked it out of the park. Honestly she's really smart and that was my favorite part, she was easy to talk to and definitely has some experience in this realm. I'd definitely do it again.


recently had a session with Blake and it was amazing! After seeing her pictures, I knew I just had to meet her.
Some girls don't look as good in person, but Blake did not disappoint! Her tall and fit body was even better in person
and her smile when she had me pinned made me melt. Blake is extremely intelligent and well educated, so talking with
her before and after the session was a pleasure. She has a terrific sense of humor and she made me feel at ease and
comfortable from the moment we met.
If you're in NYC or she comes to your city/town - this is one girl you don't want to miss!
Cant wait for our next session.


I have been doing sessions for over 7 years and Blake is the most fun I have ever had.
She is the perfect combination of beauty, fitness, athleticism and all around awesomeness!
Blake goes out of her way to accommodate your session preferences and is a true class act.

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