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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 30

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About Me

I have been a passionate athlete for a solid 4 years and is located in the heart of London (england) where I will be situated for the sessions. I may consider travelling abroad in the future.

A strong, sexy,, confident, powerful, english goddess who has a true passion for bodybuilder and becoming the worlds strongest most muscular woman.

A real women in charge is what every man needs to put you in your place and show you whos boss, so come and be putty in my hands.

im very feminine, elegant, alluring bright blue eyes with a smile to die for and a soft, gentle voice, but dont be mistaken, I will break you.

I enjoy humilation, dominating your skinny arse, scissoring you with my jacked quadzilla thunder thighs, sufficating you like a little bitch and will take no mercy on your weak arse.

im very competitive and will do what it takes to win and show you the superior sex.

On the other hand, im easy to get along with, friendly, energetic, sponataneous, open minded and up for trying new things.

 It would be a pleasure to kick your arse and give you an incredible expereince with the true goddess herself. 

My sessions are athletic based or fetish related. Involving no nudity or anything sexually related in nature, so dont even ask.If you wish to film your own session, I offer that as well for an additional fee. 

For first timers, I will ask for some info from you to do a light screening... for my safety, of course. It will include 2 references of ladies you have met with before along with their current email addresses. I dont take many sessions and find myself picky...I have good intuition. So your style /approach is very important to me. I respect an easy-going, down-to-earth mature, sane and respectful gentleman to come fourth. 

I welcome mature down-to-earth sane well groomed gentleman 25yrs and up only. Please be detailed when contacting me and include a bit of information about yourself including your age, height, weight. location and occupation. I also require two recent references of ladies you have met with before. Please include their current contact emails. I assure you discretion is important for both you and me.

I do require a 50 percent non-refundable non-negotiable deposit to secure your session 1 week prior to the session.

I have set a 5x email limit for each booking to ensure your serious and not wasting my time as im sure you can appreciate time is money.


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After seeing Blonde_Crusher listed on Session Girls, I decided to meet this lady. She is not as picky as her profile implies. She's new to this and I guess is being careful. We got the usual logistics out of the way with ease.

BC is very much a people person and wanted a quick chat over the phone ahead of the session. This is rare but welcoming. She has a genuine and bubbly personality and that immediately clear. And despite me asking for a two way belly punching role play, I found she was fine with that. So I knew I was ready for a wonderful 2 hour session.

When I saw her, I was very impressed not just physique but just how polite she is and her open and warm personality. She has a nice muscular physique with nice symmetry and that bubbly personality is infectious. She lives up to her name Muscle Barbie.

I decided to go for a two way belly punching role play with an open story line as asked BC to improvise. Her height can be deceptive as to how strong BC is and her strength in the session was being able to take me down and then pinning me whilst I use up my strength trying to break free. Afterwards, she was able to dominate me with ease whilst showing off her muscular physique.

I enjoyed the first session so much that I decided to book a second one. This time it was 3 hours long. As BC did the role play so well
the first time, I decided to include a brief story along with a selection of outfits to bring along. And BC never disappoints. She brought all the outfits and had gone through the role play well before we met. And she played it to perfection. I realised that there was too much story line for the 3 hours so that gives me a reason to have another session with BC! And as it was dark and cold that day, BC gave a lift to the station after we had finished.

What I like about BC is she is easy going, fun to be with and enjoys trying new things in a session. I only have praise for her and would
say that London is lucky to have sure a nice young lady as part of Session Girls. We have very few bodybuilders based in London so she's a gem. I look forward to the next time we meet.


What a cool lady with a fantastic personality, very strong and great at lift and carry. Well worth seeing for a session


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Blonde_Crusher on 2 occasions now. I must say that London is lucky to have her. I wanted to leave a review on Session Girls but noticed that everyone needs a profile these days. Is there some way of leaving a review without creating a profile. I can tell you that I have nothing but praise for this young lady.

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