Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 260 lbs - 117.9 kg
Physique: BBW
Age: 35

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About Me


Im moving at end of this month, July from Coastal border NC, SC  to FL. Ill be continuing my training in Boxing & Pro Wrestling, and will be back and forth between Lakeland FL & winter park FL. 


I also love being by the water so any Beaches near where I train I selected for extra views. 


My training and Coaching aint free, and I have no Sponsors. I strictly do this to have funds to train, travel, and get my name out there. A lot of you think our training is FREE cause were ”Girls” and that we automatically become ”Superstars” once we start training. Far from truth! 



There are over 100K Indy Pro Wrestlers just in the US and maybe 2-300 of those are lucky to a contract with one of the Big Pro Wrestling Promotions.


Also the new Pro Wrestling ticket sales are by Families, they want a very  PG image, and unfortunately I dont have the luxury of being a ”good girl” because I have bills, its hard to find a high paying job without a degree, that works around training and last minute traveling, tryouts etc. 


3/4 years now between two Sports trying to get my break. Still putting in work, paying dues is never-ending. 


Sometimes I question myself, but I just know I cant walk away because I Love Sports Entertainment so much! 


So please Serious inquiries ONLY! 


*There are lots of time wasters on here, so I only respond to Tip, Tribute emails. Once you Tip, tribute me please let me know the username and or your email so I can respond. 



4 ways to tip, tribute me for an email

1.) CashApp $WCRDMSMYR


2.) OnlyFans

3.) Cameo


4.) Venmo @Jess-Barnes-6



*About me ...

Im Jess from the Midwest. I grew up in the middle of 3 states WV, OH & KY. 

Ive been in the South since 2008, so I Guess You can call me a MidWest Belle.


Im as Tuff as Grit, a Brawler 1st, before a Boxer. My first form of fighting was street, School fighting. Mainly with Boys. I was in a handicap class for my ADHAD and some of the football players thought it was funny to pick on kids in a wheelchair. Needless to say, I dont tolerate bullies.




The Max time/Rounds ill do is 3m @ 15Rs with a minute break in between. 


Competitive Boxing *Headgear ONLY 


FANTASY Boxing style I wont wear headgear or mouth guard as long as there are no Face strikes on both ends. 


*Ill provide wraps, headgear & 16oz gloves for competitive style *Must have Your own Mouth Guard. 


Pro Wrestling:

I can be Face/Hero or Heel/Villian ... If you have a Storyline. 


My 5 moves are:

1.) Big Belly Goddess splash aka Body, Belly Splash. 

2.) Barnes Slam aka Body Slam 

3.) The Jessica Rabbit aka Pendulum Swing

4.) The Dosey Do aka various chain Rasslin moves, reversals.

5.) Brawl’n Barnes aka various, combo strikes, punches, Back fist, Spinning back fist, Discus punch, Flapjack punch, Heart punch, Mounted punches, Superman Punch, and my FAV Wind-up punch.


*If You need help, I have no problem showing you how to do some Rasslin moves and put together a 5 to 10-minute match. 



I dont mind if you want to film our Session, but if you use it to profit off other sites, I ask that You let me have a copy as well so I can share on my OnlyFans site. 





 * To Hold the date. I understand Life happens, and I will credit Your deposit up to a year from the first scheduled date.


*Ill be here in Myrtle Beach SC, NC coastal border till the end of July 




Locals : 350 US deposit


Out of State: 750 US deposit 


Over Seas: 2K US deposit



Virtual Text Only: must subscribe to my Onlyfans for back and forth messaging. 


Live Video, Snap Chat Session 100 US dollars upfront. *please tip/tribute for a time to schedule in advance. 



* I dont do Nude sessions! Emails asking will be ignored.

Smallest thing Ill wear is a thong bikini 👙 




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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
07-25-2020 07-25-2021 Lakeland Florida United States
07-25-2020 07-25-2021 Tampa Florida United States
07-25-2020 07-25-2021 Saint Petersburg Florida United States
07-25-2020 07-25-2021 Orlando Florida United States
07-25-2020 07-25-2021 Clearwater Florida United States
07-25-2020 07-25-2021 Fort Desoto Florida United States
07-25-2020 07-25-2021 Winter Park Florida United States
09-05-2020 09-05-2020 Las Vegas Nevada United States

Jess was very professional and fun. We had a great match. Even though she beat me. I will booked her again.


Thank You for Your Business 🤗


Your welcome

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