Location: Manhattan Long Island, New York
Phone: 1 646 401 0362

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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Athletic
Deadlift: 170 lbs
Benchpress: 70 lbs
Squat: 180 lbs
Legpress: 350 lbs

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About Me

My name is Camille Greene and I enjoys bodybuilding. I have been active in living a fit lifestyle for 10 years. I was introduced to bodybuilding roughly 3yrs ago. I entered my first bodybuilding competition 2 years and did well my time. I find bodybuilding to be a great hobby or lifestyle. The confidence that I gained from my discipline and the power I endured from my physique is wonderful. I feel most confident in clothes because of the snug feel and my silhouette. I am introducing myself to this world because I enjoy being worshipped, I enjoy flexing and testing my strengths. My childhood I would wrestle my siblings and cousins. That’s what we did, hehe. There were no cellphones only WWE, WWF, Raw etc. In public, I see the submissive gestures from both men and women. Some who find it hard to resist and would say things such as “Oh my god! You.Are.A.Woman.” Or “What a woman” and frequently “Wow!”. In recent years I have been asked if I do wrestle sessions, muscle worship, lift /carry and such. I continually turned down the idea because I thought it to be a lifestyle that maybe a handful of people were into. I always enjoyed activities like domination, bondage, foot fetishes etc. Now, I’m ready to engage in an industry I was made for.

Services Offered

Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Tickle Wrestling
Custom Videos
Feats of Strength
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching


Date Begins Date Ends City Area
04-14-2021 04-15-2021 Detroit Michigan
04-16-2021 04-17-2021 Grand Rapids Michigan
04-19-2021 04-20-2021 Flint Michigan
Contact me if you dare. My sessions are only finalized with advanced booking and deposit.

Definitely one of, the coolest, most accomodating, professional session wrestlers in the game today. Very easy to work with and delivers. Pretty much a throwback to the session wrestling days when girls just wanted to have fun and not just be in the client's pocket while watching the clock. If your on the fence, get off of it and just book the woman for a no regrets good time.


Thank you! It was a pleasure to session with you!


She is amazing. Just had a session in San Diego, she's classy, beautiful and unbelievably fit. Highly recommended and a great new addition to the session wrestling scene.

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