Location: Lubbock , Texas
Travel Phone: 281-508-7713

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Weight: 160 lbs - 72.6 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 21

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About Me

Hello Im Carmen Crush 

Not the average fantasy girl from the playboy mansion but your ideal fanstasy girl that will have you submissive with every muscle in my body.  Every hold I place you in will leave you wanting more and a whole lot of attitude to keep u in check.  I may travel to a town near you. 


Because there is a high demand for this for some clients yes I do sell used garments just email me for more info about that  (socks, shirts, underwear.) I was gone for a bit because of an leg injury but now I’m back and ready to crush some faces 

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
11-16-2018 11-18-2018 Dallas Texas United States
11-23-2018 11-25-2018 Houston Texas United States
Please request a session 24-48 hours in advance

I met Carmen for the second time this year and she hasn't lost a step. Shes so vibrant and fun, and her skills are always improving. The girl can throw down, and if she gets you between her legs its game over! I can't wait to see her again!


Carmen Crush is an energetic spunky young wrestler. She’s got a solid athletic foundation across various sports, including kickboxing, which gives her the confidence to aggressively mix it up. This also shows in her athletic and curvy body. Our session was mostly a mix of semi-comp and competitive wrestling. She’s still developing her skills but already has impressive strength. She will have no issue giving most guys a run for their money. We did a bit of role play and her outgoing personality and competitive spirit made her a natural with trash talk. I can see her also being very good for those seeking more domination based sessions. Carmen is a lot of fun with a contagious smile. Our chat between rounds included much laughter. Her rates are reasonable and she was easy to work with. Catch her while you can.


I had the pleasure of meeting Carmen and wow! She is strong tough and full of stamina! She loves what she does and she is skilled in wrestling, boxing, you name it. As she reminded me many times, her name is Carmen Crush for a reason, she squeezed me into submission over n over. Good communication skills, and even sexier in person!

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