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Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Height: 5'10” - 178 cm
Weight: 195 lbs - 88.5 kg
Physique: Curvy

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Thats right, guys and gals, Im back!!

Lucky for me, I am able to session again! But this is also very VERY lucky for you :) Those who have sessioned with me already know why... and those who havent yet and perhaps thought they had missed their chance, get to find out for themselves after all. 

While my travel schedule wont be as intense as in the past, I AM traveling again! I also offer local sessions at a private studio, 45 minutes North of Pittsburgh, for an additional $25 to use the space. You may host at a hotel of your choice, if you prefer. 

I only have a few trips scheduled so far but I will be adding to those soon and often. Where I go next depends on you! Email me if you would like me to travel to your area and I will do my best to make it there as soon as possible. There is also the option to sponsor me, which almost guarantees that I can get to you and most likely rather quickly. 


I no longer have access to my old one. My travel phone number has changed as well and will only be given out when necessary, as I prefer to email.

If you are daring enough to spend an hour... or two... or three with more than one girl at a time, I can accommodate that with two other amazing local session girls, Kit Kat Baby and Delyte De La Cruz.

Of utmost importance: Just so we are on the same page... there is no denying the sensualness and intimacy of a session with me. This IS a sexy business. However that does not mean that I take part in sex acts, of any kind, when it comes to this job. 

(I do apologize for the technical difficulties my profile has been having lately. I created a brand new one, so I am hoping that will solve the problem. My most current travel schedule is listed, once again, below.)

💓 Please continue to be patient with me if you are waiting on a response to an email, as one thing has seemed to lead to another, preventing me from keeping up. If you havent gotten a reply for a while and would like to send a follow up, mentioning that, in order to make sure yours didnt get lost on accident, you are welcome to do so. 💪

Alright ready? What are you waiting for?? Lets get back to wrestling!




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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
06-04-2020 06-09-2020 Las Vegas Nevada United States
09-03-2020 09-04-2020 Boston Massachusetts United States
09-04-2020 09-07-2020 Montreal Canada
09-07-2020 09-08-2020 Boston Massachusetts United States
Im available for Sessions AND Custom Videos with Mistress Kat aka Kitkatbaby338 and Delyte Dalacruz aka Delyte84 when home in the Pittsburgh area and also when traveling with one or both of them! When traveling I am available starting at 3pm hotel check in time on the first date until around 11am hotel check out time on the last one....ALMOST always. There ARE exceptions once in a while. Please inquire with me via email if you have questions regarding a possible exception as mentioned above.

Another awesome session with Chloe!! She informed way ahead of time that she would be traveling through Texas on tour and I knew I could not miss the chance for Round 2. She was able to play out our fantasy wrestling session to the fullest and was humorous and professional as always! Looking forward to Round 3!!

Kyle "Ebon"


So its been 4 years in the making, but I finally meet Chloe for a session yesterday. I am a veteran of sessioning women for the past 15-20 years, but over the past 4 years my schedule never worked out when Chloe was coming to my area. But there was no stopping me from meeting up with her yesterday. It was everything I had read about her, she is the most gracious person to talk to pre-match and loves hearing my thoughts and role play ideas for the session. She is beautiful in person and the best smile in the business. We get into the match and immediately you can tell how strong she is and how effortless she is with her moves. She had me in scissors and I wanted to immediately tap out but tried my best to hold on to no luck. She overpowered me throughout the match to were I couldn't take anymore and she then processed to humiliate me with great smothering holds. I look forward to another session with Chloe in the future!!


Little overdue on the review, but man it was a fun session when she came to St Louis. We did a Fantasy Boxing session and she's really attuned to the session and knows how to read what you want. We want a few rounds and she really delivered. She certainly gives as good as she can take! She was also very communicative and super flexible, she was running a bit behind but she definitely made up for it. Definitely enjoyed my time with her and looking forward to more in the future!

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