Location: Coventry, United Kingdom
Phone: 07498 767377
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Height: 6'3” - 191 cm
Weight: 200 lbs - 90.7 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 30

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The Glamazon

People have been asking me for ages to get into session wrestling, I didnt even know that was a thing, until I joined and beasted my way to becoming their champion. 

So now I have a wrestling profile and have a few wrestling matches under my belt, having worked with Axa-Jay, Miss Scorpio, Araneae and Madam Lucrecia, Killpussy, Hex, Desdemona, Nexus etc as well as doing mixed wrestling sessions.

you can find clips on my website (coming Dec 2016) or APL or TCM 

Get in touch to book a session either by emailing or text to 07498 767377 quoting Session  

Look forward to beating you down on the mats! 

Chloe x 

MSG FOR DETAILS! -If u dare!!

Deposits not refunded if you cancel within 24hrs of the meeting. 

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Touring London June 252627th 2019 - email to book. Contact me for details on how to book a session with me.

Very poor communication skills by her part via email ( after paying the deposit ) caused a huge misunderstanding. Following with negative attitude and signs of lack of desire for meeting. again (after paying the deposit) resulted in canceling the match without refund after a month planning in advance.

Recommend to contact via whatsapp and know the risk.

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Part deposit paid 21/08/19
Booking 18/09/19 @17:00
Client cancelled 18/09/19 @ 12:30

I had travelled via car from Coventry to London, 2hrs both ways, booked venue and was awaiting session when he cancelled. Profile clearly states 48hr cancellation policy.

I do not get a refund on fuel and I do not get refund on venue and do not get a refund on my time responding to his emails and txts, wanting to endlessly discuss a session he didn’t even turn up for. So now he is resorting to trying to rubbish my profile. I have kept all records of our emails and txts should this go any further. Ladies beware!!!


I visited Chloe last week for a session. She owns a very comfortable and nice study with enough space for a proper session and the possibility to shower. I experienced Chloe as a very friendly person which is always up for a nice smalltalk between the match.

It was nearly in possible to hold her down for a pin or make her submit even when i thought to be very close, the revenge came very quickly and after one hour I was completly finished. She used headsiccors and advanced wrestling moves which did their job to make me tapout several times within a short time and no chance for escape. I was very happy when we changed from competitive to semi-competitive/fantasy!

I can highly recommend a session with Chloe, and yes its definitly gonna be tough!

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