Location: Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom

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Height: 5'2 - 157 cm
Weight: 126 lbs - 57.2 kg
Physique: Slim
Age: 38

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Hello everybody, Ive only been wrestling for a year, on and off. However Ive just started filming for TC and APL so I am gaining some great experience with some fantastic girls!
I love wrestling, I like to get stuck in and give it my all!
Ive also just started MMA classes, so hope to offer MMA soon, once I have gained some more experience.

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I've just had my 2nd session with Chrissi and it was great fun. She is a feisty and competent wrestler who is also learning other combat disciplines - but fortunately she didn't resort to those to defeat me! Her legs are lethal and her headscissors forced a submission every single time she applied one, as did her grapevines which will turn you into a pretzel. She also has strong but quite bony arms and can easily choke you out. She is like a little Spitfire TBH and I don't even think I could have stood up to her for very long 20 years ago let alone now...

She is a laugh a minute and you will come out of the session with a big smile on your face. We had the first hour as semi-comp but I am an amateur and she slaughtered me - what is happening to women theses days? For the second hour she basically did what she liked to me as I was utterly knackered by then, but I think Chrissi was just warming up. I concentrated on just being defensive and the session ended up being more domination than wrestling, which I think Chrissi secretly enjoyed! She has a way of wrapping you up or straddling your neck and then just humiliating you that is highly attractive! Strongly (pun intended) recommended.


I first made contact with Chrissi via a kink social networking site with regards to creating a local scene of wrestlers in the south west of the uk. After initial messaging both on the site and via email and phone we finally met for a social drink and chat. Upon first meeting and since she is a fabulously warm hearted kind, caring happy go lucky goung gal, has an awesome personality to her but is never afraid to stand up for others.

Having met a couple of times and chatted over the phone on a regular basis as to what i can help her with i took her to her first kink scene club/event to where we were finally able to have a wrestle together, and just wow, this was my first competitve match in 2 yrs and though she's small and funny with great outlook of fun she is powerful and my god those legs are strong she took me down pretty hard from the start and we had a really good match. In the end i mangaed to come out on top which was surprising but was also very close and am sure with her new MMA training will likely beat me next time. Either way she has an absolutely goegeous physique to her, very fun and friendly.

Very highly recommend you guys have a good wrestle with her, she won't give you time to think, until next time Chrissi, thanks ;) xx

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