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Location: Chicago, Illinois
Skype: https://cleverswhatever
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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 190 lbs - 86.2 kg
Physique: Curvy

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About Me

I started boxing about three years ago. I spar at a local boxing gym, as well as in sessions. ;) 

A varsity hammer thrower in college, I have maintained my love of all things physical: running, lifting weights, hiking and backpacking, among others. My body has been wonderfully shaped by many many squats followed by lots of ice cream. I am deliciously strong and soft!

I am also very dominant and enjoy rough body play, impact play, pet play, and bondage.

I session on the North East side of Chicago and can also rent a local dungeon space for more room. Available for local or travel-based sessions.

All sessions start at $300 for one hour.

If you are just interested in a fantasy: I am available on Niteflirt and Skype.


- Your first name

- What kind of session your are interested in

- Where you are located and whether you will come to me or would like me to come to you

- Your preferred date and time for the session

- The name and email address of one to two references

Note: if you do not have references, I will require another form of screening to keep myself safe. Just as you hopefully care about my safety, I care about your privacy.

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Fantasy Wrestling
Semi-Competitive Boxing
Fantasy Boxing
Tag Team Matches
Foxy Boxing
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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
10-26-2019 10-30-2019 New York New York United States
Please be considerate about hotel check in and check out times. Email me at to discuss meeting!

Just got done with a boxing session with this amazing woman that packs a serious punch i'm looking forward to our next match, if she is ever on your side of town don't miss the chance to see her


Let me tell you... if you're even thinking about booking a session with Clever... do yourself the favor and go for it!

This review is far overdue!

When she came to STL, it was by far the best session I've ever had!

When i arrived she was already in her boxing attire... all wrapped in black satin with white trim boxing robe... needless to say, i was very excited to get our session started!

Once round 1 started, we began sizing each other up. It was a rather intimate space, so neither of us could hide from the other. After a few jabs and crosses, i noticed her midsection was a bit exposed, i went after it and she returned the favor in kind!

Round 2 got a bit more exciting. We exchanged more and i targeted her chest and midsection. To which she responded with body blows of her own and a few hits to the head, even an uppercut that made me have to clinch... she didn't waste time in the clinch either, she made sure i paid for all those chest and body blows i gave her.

Rounds 3-6 were more of the same, with her having me "on the ropes" by the end of round 6... after that she made me her personal boxing puppet...

This session was definitely an amazing experience and I'm 100% looking forward to another one... maybe this time it'll go longer than 6rds ;-)


Had my first ever session and she was a total pro and very interactive with you and asking questions and having a nice conversation. She had sure my session was done how I would of like it and she was very nice and easy to do the session with. Looking forward to doing another one with her

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