Location: amarillo, Texas
Skype: https://modelconstance1985
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Height: 5'1” - 154 cm
Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Slim

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Hello All,

*Update due to coronavirus* I have rescheduled my April tour to July. Please take note of the new dates. May is up in the air right now as well.

Also, I am currently also taking phone chats via whatsapp/skype for a fee. (Limited Time Only). Please see the info in my photo gallery.

Please email me for pricing. 

I am a professional traveling fetish model for 12 years.  I do all sorts of fetish modeling. I also do shoots, sessions, ect.

I love to wrestle both men and women and I do have very powerful legs for being so tiny.

Here is my website, from there you can see my travel schedule and some more pictures.

I am 5 foot 2  and 117 lbs.

Twitter and IG is @modelconstance1

When booking me for a session, I do require a booking deposit of 50% and I also have a cancellation fee. My rates start at $300/hr and go up. All of the booking requirements including rates and deposits are located at my website on the booking tab.

Please include in the subject line your location, and in the body of the email what type of session you are asking for. If I DO NOT have these DETAILS  in the subject/body, your email more than likely will not be answered in a timely manner. Please be ready to provide references as well.

Also, when on tour I work between the hours of 9AM-9PM. If you are wanting to session outside those hours, then I charge an extra $100. So Please take note of that when inquiring about a session.



MAKING ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!!                                                  

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
03-26-2020 05-06-2020 Amarillo Texas United States
05-07-2020 05-10-2020 Baltimore Maryland United States
05-07-2020 05-10-2020 Washington DC District of Columbia United States
05-07-2020 05-10-2020 Arlington Virginia United States
05-07-2020 05-10-2020 Fairfax Virginia United States
05-11-2020 05-12-2020 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
05-13-2020 05-18-2020 Brooklyn New York United States
05-13-2020 05-17-2020 Manhattan New York United States
05-13-2020 05-17-2020 Long Island New York United States
05-18-2020 05-18-2020 Little Falls New Jersey United States
05-19-2020 05-19-2020 West Haven Connecticut United States
05-20-2020 05-21-2020 Boston Massachusetts United States
05-22-2020 07-06-2020 Amarillo Texas United States
07-08-2020 07-08-2020 Tulsa Oklahoma United States
07-09-2020 07-09-2020 St Louis Missouri United States
07-10-2020 07-10-2020 Indianapolis Indiana United States
07-11-2020 07-12-2020 Cincinnati Ohio United States
07-11-2020 07-12-2020 Columbus Ohio United States
07-13-2020 07-15-2020 Grand Rapids Michigan United States
07-13-2020 07-15-2020 Detroit Michigan United States
07-16-2020 07-16-2020 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
07-17-2020 07-17-2020 Youngstown Ohio United States
07-24-2020 07-25-2020 Akron Ohio United States
07-24-2020 07-25-2020 Cleveland Ohio United States
07-26-2020 07-29-2020 Chicago Illinois United States
07-27-2020 07-27-2020 Milwaukee Wisconsin United States
07-30-2020 08-01-2020 Minneapolis Minnesota United States
07-30-2020 08-01-2020 St Paul Minnesota United States
08-02-2020 08-02-2020 Des Moines Iowa United States
08-03-2020 08-03-2020 Kansas City Missouri United States
08-04-2020 08-04-2020 Wichita Kansas United States
08-05-2020 08-31-2020 Amarillo Texas United States
On some of my travel dates I will not have a location in certain areas if that area is marked with another city. So please be aware that you might have to provide location. When not traveling I am local to Amarillo and Lubbock TX

This review is a little overdue but I saw constance a few weeks ago in Vancouver and she was fantastic. Beautiful and very easy to talk to. I'm typically not a huge fan of chatting during sessions as it takes me out of it, but just talking with her is a blast. There was even a point where she was standing there with her foot on my throat as we were just shooting the sh*t (or at least attempting to in my case). Then she can flip the switch on a dime and start dominating again. I was sore for a few days after, which was a nice reminder of the fun time. I hope to see her again someday. If you get the chance, don't miss out.


Constance and I met last weekend and I had a great time! Total professional, and a fun girl to be around, just naturally puts you at ease. We played in her ring for an hour and I loved every second! She was absolutely gorgeous and made sure I had a great time strong recommendation ill be seeing her again for sure!


Had a semi-competitive session with Constance today, and I will backup every nice thing said about her by the other reviewers. Good communication, very attractive, very good wrestler. Come for the small joint manipulation, stay for the "washing machine". If she comes to town again, she'll certainly get my business.

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