Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
E-mail: admin@constancescrazycinemas.com
Height: 5'1” - 154 cm
Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Slim
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Simon McMahon

Constance is an absolute professional! Just saw her tonight and must say she is beautiful, sexy, fun, funny, and just a pro! She is so good, and you will leave humbled and shocked as she is stronger than a girl double or more her size - and you won't be able to get out of her moves - she is that good!!! Very sweet and fun, but can be dominant and a boss too - just awesome and best of the best!!!


Had a great session with Constance at her home in Tulsa, OK. She is very prompt and professional and a total sweetheart. Don't let her size fool you, she knows how to bring on the hurt! I look forward to our next session.


Well I had my first session with Constance last week
I recently found out she was in Tulsa OK now. So I contacted Constance to set up a session she was very easy to reach and communicated quickly so we set up the session I met with her and her cameraman the day of the session Constance is a beautiful woman she is very professional and very pleasant to talk with her cameraman was a great guy as well both were easy to talk to communicating how the session would go what was expected and how it would be filmed which was my idea by the way. So the session started Constance started out with a couple scissors and some Facesitting she was very energetic and for a small lady her legs are very strong her scissors will have you tapping Constance has this one move she calls the washing machine that she did that is very unique so overall professional, nice, good communication Constance had it all 5 * all the way sessioning with Constance again definitely last note her ass is as advertised sexy suffocating and bigger than you would think for a cute little thing like her anyway if you have a chance to session with Constance don’t pass your chance up and regret it later


I had a session with Constance last week in Atlanta on Friday Oct 16th. I must say that this was an excellent session with Constance. The session ran smoothly. As a previous reviewer said, she is very polite and very nice. As we talked during our session, it turned out that we both knew a producer that lived in my hometown. All in all it was an excellent experience.


Finally, after pining away so long to have a session with Constance, my wish was granted. We had a fantasy wrestling session that left me wanting more. She teased and tortured me until my brain surrendered. She's beautiful, fun, mischievous, and sexy. She dished out pleasure and pain. I hope we can do it again many times.


I had a session with Constance during her Kansas City stop. As soon as she opened the door, I was overtaken by how stunningly beautiful she was. She was so much fun to talk to and even more fun to wrestle with. We did a one-hour semi-comp session. Her wrestling skills are awesome, and she really knows what she is doing. And you have not lived until you have been at the receiving end of one of Constance’s leg scissors. They are AWESOME!!!


Constance is bloody amazing, very nice, very polite and funny! Can’t wait to do it again. She made me feel very comfortable working Into it and then it got fun, wish I had more time with her


Just had an absolutely perfect session with Constance today. First of all, she looked absolutely amazing. I let her know what kind of outfit I wanted her to wear and she certainly delivered. She also smelled amazing, I don't know what she was wearing but it smelled great. It was really easy to set up the session. Great response time to emails. Don't let her size fool you, the woman is really strong. Her legs especially, when she cranked up the scissor pressure I started to see stars. My neck hurts now and I imagine it will for a few more days. She really knows how to wrestle, she twisted me up like a pretzel a few times. Constance is also really easy to talk to, we talked just about the whole session, except for the times her perfect ass was on my face. Just a really fun session and I can't wait until she is in Chicago again.

Mr Charles

I worked with Constance 7-12-2020. Constance is amazing to work with !! She is great at ad lib and working off spur of the moment notes/ basic plot line idea. We created cool a video in the chloroforming a girl and kidnapping her for revenge genre. She is fun to work with and is great at playing a feisty damsel.

I highly recommend working with Constance if you are looking for a cool, creative, custom captive cute hostage style video.


I had Constance do a custom video she had everything I asked for and she was very understanding and kept up with all the emails and even had the video done before her estimated time... I would recommend her for your custom videos ... I hope to meet her someday for an IRL match ...


Any plans for Buffalo ny


This review is a little overdue but I saw constance a few weeks ago in Vancouver and she was fantastic. Beautiful and very easy to talk to. I'm typically not a huge fan of chatting during sessions as it takes me out of it, but just talking with her is a blast. There was even a point where she was standing there with her foot on my throat as we were just shooting the sh*t (or at least attempting to in my case). Then she can flip the switch on a dime and start dominating again. I was sore for a few days after, which was a nice reminder of the fun time. I hope to see her again someday. If you get the chance, don't miss out.


Constance and I met last weekend and I had a great time! Total professional, and a fun girl to be around, just naturally puts you at ease. We played in her ring for an hour and I loved every second! She was absolutely gorgeous and made sure I had a great time strong recommendation ill be seeing her again for sure!


Had a semi-competitive session with Constance today, and I will backup every nice thing said about her by the other reviewers. Good communication, very attractive, very good wrestler. Come for the small joint manipulation, stay for the "washing machine". If she comes to town again, she'll certainly get my business.


Im an aspiring customs producer and i just had the pleasure of filming with Constance it was a blast! Shes as sweet and funny as well as fun to hangout with as she is beautiful which by the way the internet pictures dont do her justice shes breathtaking in person cant wait to work with her again! ^_^


I recently had a double session with Constance and Safa Warda and I would highly recommend either of them to anyone considering booking a session. It was my first ever session of any kind and, as such, I was very nervous. However, Constance and Safa were extremely friendly and easy to talk to and made me feel much more at ease. I reached out to Constance to schedule the session, scheduling was quick and easy and Constance was very responsive and professional. Finally, the scissors themselves were incredible. I was blown away with how strong both Constance and Safa were. I was tapping out when they said they had barely reached 10%. Don’t forget to tap out or you will pass out :)


Yesterday I met Constance and had my first session with her. OMG!!! She is first class all the way, professional, strong, and just adorable. I requested wrestling with me as jobber and her as the heal. She performed her role to perfection as she applied numerous holds and made me tap at will. If her camel clutch wasn't effective enough she hooked her fingers in my mouth and pulled like she was halting a Clydesdale! I now have a much bigger smile, my social life improving thanks to Constance, gosh if I could have held on 15 more seconds I could double for Julia Roberts, but it was just too painful. Since I survived my first session with her she promised next time I could experience her special creation called "The Washing Machine"
guaranteed to hang you out to dry. I can hardly wait as she makes everything hurt so good.
Book a session with Constance and you can thank me later!


Constance is a fantastic competitor and a very tough wrestler, she always brings her "A" game. I have had several sessions with Constance I and loved every second of it, whither I was winning or losing it was a ball! Off the mat she is a very fun and sweet woman and very easy to talk to too. Her pictures do not do her justice as she is drop dead gorgeous in person. If you every get a chance to book a session with Constance do it! You won't regret it!


Constance..wow. I sessioned with her, yesterday. Initial contact/setup wasn't difficult and she answered all of the questions I asked during that phase. Upon meeting her...there's where the wow part comes in. I don't know what it is with pictures, but they never seem to do models justice. This woman is beautiful, point blank, and far curvier than her portraits might imply. She was an extremely sweet person and acquiesced all of my requests.

I'm into Facesitting/Smothering and from her videos, you can tell she is one of the best in the business. After meeting her and sessioning, my opinion is positively enhanced. I would session again with her in a heartbeat.

Book. You won't regret it.

Simon McMahon

Helpful review, looking forward to wrestling her when she comes to NYC in August!


Today had a competitive wrestling session with Constance. She is a sweet funny young lady who really knows how to wrestle and dominate you. Much stronger than she looks. If she traps you in her mighty thighs you are at her mercy. I did get her in a few submissions but there was no doubt of who was the better wrestler. I am 5 7 160 lbs. I am looking forward to taking her on again real soon.


I met Constance in Vegas on her tour and she is smart, funny, sexy and a determined competitor when you get on the mat. Despite her small size, she has legit power in those legs and put me into twilight a couple of times before I was forced to tap out. She is very professional in corresponding and fun once you get on the mat (unless she's got you in a number of different submission holds). If she's passing through your area, I highly recommend that you contact her about a session.


I had a wrestling session with Constance last week and felt compelled to write a review. Constance is incredible. She is beautiful, smart, funny, strong and sexy. She took the time to answer all my questions and made me feel comfortable.

Constance has beautiful pictures which is why I contacted her but she's actually prettier in person. Her body is perfect and she is really strong. Constance is a great conversationalist too. Very smart woman.

We arm wrestled and she beat me with her right and then left arm even though I'm twice her size. Then we wrestled and she had her way with me. She pinned me many times and I couldn't move. She even counted to 100 on one pin. Constance has strong legs. Her scissors are incredible and she had me falling like crazy. Her scissors and perfect because they weren't extremely painful but I kept feeling her strong legs squeeze tighter and tighter as I felt myself passing out. I saw stars during her last scissors.

I went in to the session with big expectations and Constance exceeded them. Thank you Constance. I hope to see you again soon


I met Constance a week ago she has the heart of texas very friendly and outgoing we had a scissor session her thighs are strong i tapped alot she is also good at domination role-play ,and she always asks u if u want some water very nice person


I recently met Constance for a wrestling session. Even though she is small, she is quick and agile and put me in various holds and like her post here says, she has very strong legs. Besides being a good wrestler, Constance is intelligent and I enjoyed our conversations. She is pleasant to be around, very professional, and very accommodating. I will definitely want to see her again.

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